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Olive Oil Sensory Science

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The olive oil market is increasingly international; consumption and production are growing, particularly in new markets outside the Mediterranean region.


Olive Oil Sensory Science details the appropriate sensory methods for olive oil optimization, product development and consumer testing. It considers sensory methods appropriate to investigate the functionality of olive oils in culinary preparation.


Three introductory chapters present the intrinsic factors affecting olive oil quality perception: the nutritional, health and sensory properties, underlining the importance of sensory techniques in product differentiation. The second addresses the agronomic and technological aspects of production that affect sensory properties and their occurrence in olive oil. The third examines sensory perception and other factors affecting consumer choice. General sensory methodology will be avoided; rather sensory methods pertaining specifically to olive oil will be presented and discussed.


The core of the book is comprised of four chapters dedicated to the application of sensory methods and approaches to product development and consumer research in olive oil. Specifically, they will address:

  • Sensory quality control
  • Sensory methods for olive oil optimization and development
  • Consumer research methods
  • Sensory methods to investigate the sensory functionality of olive oils
  • Multidisciplinary approaches in analyzing the culinary use of oils for marketing purposes

This volume is an invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends. 

Keywords: Sensory Science

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