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Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics

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Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics offers an exciting conversational journey through the overlying terrains of politically engaged art and artistically engaged politics. At once scholarly and entertaining, the book combines a major statement on subversive aesthetics, a survey of radical film strategies, and a comprehensive lexicon of concepts.

Keywords defines, creates, and illustrates over a thousand terms and concept, drawing its examples from a wide range of media. Moving beyond political modernism, the book dramatically expands the definition of political cinema at a time when radical film might not mean a feature or a documentary but rather a music video, a Colbert episode, or a digital mash-up. Each chapter explores a different ‘current’ within the broad range of alternative aesthetics, covering an Aesthetic of the Commons; the Carnivalesque and Festive-revolutionary Practices; Political Modernism and post-Brechtian Performance; the Transmogrification of the Negative, the Hybridization of Documentary and fiction; and the Fractured Chronotope, and the Musicalization of Cinema.

An invaluable text for anyone interested in contemporary politics, aesthetics, and the media, Keywords offers a cornucopia of old and new strategies available for use by critics as well as by artists.


Media aesthetics, radical film strategies, media, The Aesthetics of Garbage, The Aesthetics of Hunger, Anarchist Pedagogy, Blasphemy, Brechtian Alienation-Effect, Brechtian Distanciation, Brechtian Separation of the Elements, Camcorder Activism, Carnivalesque Inversion, Celluloid Pscychogeography, Coena Cipriani, Anti-Miltarism, Cyber-minimalism, decolonizing the Classics, Media Deconstruction, Hybrid Authorship, Imperfect Cinema, Internet Mashups, Inverted Stereotype, The Lower Bodily Stratum, Magic Realism, Media Jiujitsu, Montage Reloaded, The Orchestration of Discourses, Panoptical Rap, Polyperspectival History, Brechtian, Realism, Progressive Realism, Grotesque Realism, Brechtian Reflexivity, Financial Reflexivity, Situationist Detournement, Sound-Image Counterpoint, Sublime Detritus, Threshold Encounters

Trance-Brechtianism, Visceral Spectatorship, Film Theory
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