He, Jinliang

Methodology and Technology for Power System Grounding

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Grounding is the fundamental measures to ensure the safe operation of power systems, including power apparatus and control/monitoring systems, and guarantee the personal safety. Grounding technology is an interdiscipline involving electrical engineering, high voltage technology, electric safety, electromagnetics, numerical analysis, and geological exploration

Methodology and Technology for Power System Grounding:

  • Covers all topics related to power system grounding
  • Presents fundaments and theories of grounding systems
  • Well balances technology and methodology related to grounding system design
  • Helps to understand the grounding analysis softwares
  • Highlights the advanced research works in the field of grounding systems
  • Comprehensively introduces numerical analysis methods
  • Discovers impulse ionization phenomenon of soil around the grounding conductors
  • Touches on lightning impulse characteristics of grounding devices for towers and buildings

As a comprehensive treatment of the topic, Methodology and Technology for Power System Grounding is ideal for engineers and researchers in power system, lightning protection, and grounding. The book will also better equip postgraduates, senior undergraduate students in electrical engineering.

Keywords: Methodology and Technology for Power System Grounding; power system grounding; Conduction Mechanism of Soil; Electrical Property of Soil; Soil Resistivity; Soil Resistivity Measurement; Numerical Analysis Method of Grounding; Ground Fault Current of a Substation; Grounding System for Substations; Grounding of Transmission and Distribution Lines; Impulse Characteristics of Grounding Devices; DC Ground Electrode, Electromagnetic Theory, Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Theory, Power Electronics

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