Stiebitz, Michael

Graph Edge Coloring: Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture

Stiebitz, Michael - Graph Edge Coloring: Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture, ebook


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Features recent advances and new applications in graph edge coloring

Reviewing recent advances in the Edge Coloring Problem, Graph Edge Coloring: Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture provides an overview of the current state of the science, explaining the interconnections among the results obtained from important graph theory studies. The authors introduce many new improved proofs of known results to identify and point to possible solutions for open problems in edge coloring.

The book begins with an introduction to graph theory and the concept of edge coloring. Subsequent chapters explore important topics such as:

  • Use of Tashkinov trees to obtain an asymptotic positive solution to Goldberg's conjecture

  • Application of Vizing fans to obtain both known and new results

  • Kierstead paths as an alternative to Vizing fans

  • Classification problem of simple graphs

  • Generalized edge coloring in which a color may appear more than once at a vertex

This book also features first-time English translations of two groundbreaking papers written by Vadim Vizing on an estimate of the chromatic class of a p-graph and the critical graphs within a given chromatic class.

Written by leading experts who have reinvigorated research in the field, Graph Edge Coloring is an excellent book for mathematics, optimization, and computer science courses at the graduate level. The book also serves as a valuable reference for researchers interested in discrete mathematics, graph theory, operations research, theoretical computer science, and combinatorial optimization.

Keywords: Graph Theory, Graph edge coloring, graph edge coloring applications, Vizing fan, Kierstead path, Tashkinov tree, Goldberg's conjecture, extreme graphs, generalized edge coloring, graph theory

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