Resnick, Stella

The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love

Resnick, Stella - The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love, ebook


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Enjoy more sexual pleasure in your love relationshipHow can you keep sexual desire alive over the long term? More and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a relationship that is both emotionally and sexually gratifying. In a book that will challenge and forever change how you think about love and sex, clinical psychologist and sex therapist Stella Resnick, PhD, draws on the latest scientific research to explore the love-lust dilemma. Dr. Resnick reveals how early programming can inhibit sexual desire as lovers become committed partners and begin to treat each other less like lovers and more like family. Dr. Resnick’s revolutionary body-mind program will help you recognize limiting old patterns, learn valuable skills for enhancing romantic love and sexual aliveness, and tap into your natural capacity to enjoy emotionally fulfilling sexual pleasure. You'll discover:*A 10-Step Loving Sex Program with detailed methods for deepening the pleasures of emotional intimacy and broadening your erotic repertoire*The latest research in sexology, neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity, and the psychology of flourishing with practical applications for relationships*Real-life stories from the author's decades of work with clients and her own personal journey

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