Mayo, Mike

Exile on Wall Street: One Analyst's Fight to Save the Big Banks from Themselves

Mayo, Mike - Exile on Wall Street: One Analyst's Fight to Save the Big Banks from Themselves, ebook


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An insider points out the holes that still exist on Wall Street and in the banking system

In Exile on Wall Street, star banking analyst Mike Mayo reveals for the first time the details of his ongoing battle with Wall Street firms to come clean and proves that all the factors leading to the financial crisis (dodgy accounting, the separation of risk from reward, outsized executive pay) are still happening.

From Citigroup’s misadventures to getting fired from Credit Suisse even after having achieved top heights in his industry to getting banned from speaking to media by Deutsche Bank in 2008 for his negative view of the banking sector, Mayo provides a glimpse into the true inner workings of Wall Street firms and claims it’s just as bad today as it was pre-crash.

Exile on Wall Street:

  • Offers an analysis of the regulation and fallout stemming from the financial crash and points out the relationships that many supposed outsiders have with the insiders.
  • Chronicles his adventures as an analyst at many of the biggest banks in the world, including some of his most outrageous adventures: being escorted out of the building from Lehman in the 90s after giving notice (Mayo didn't understand that his analysis came second to supporting the firm's investment bankers and their deals); being let go from Credit Suisse after Mayo put a sell rating on the entire banking sector in May 1999; getting banned from talking to the press while at Deutsche Bank in the middle of the financial crisis, and being named the "CEO-killer" for asking CEOs if it was time they were replaced.
  • Provides solutions to Wall Street’s messy antics. This includes more capitalism in a system where there simply isn’t enough of it.

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