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Collaborate: The Art of We

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The hands-on guide for the new way to compete: collaboration

The 21st Century's counterpart to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: Dan Sanker's Collaborate: The Art of We, gives a new generation of pioneering business enthusiasts a practical guide to capture tomorrow's business opportunities. Globalization, technology advances, and cultural changes have opened the door for a new winning formula that combines traditional competition with contemporary collaborative business practices. Readers change their mindsets and learn practical tools to tap into talent, overcome organizational obstacles, and create dramatic incremental value by collaborating between organizations.

While most businesses are battling it out for crumbs of market share, the author gives inside examples of emerging leaders who are staking claim to larger pieces of the economic pie. Intellectual honesty and proof-of-concept permeate throughout: even the book's own foreword was entrusted to a collaborative group of over 35 individual participants, a first of its kind and one more concrete example of the opportunity. Explores the tools that facilitate the collaborative process, particularly new online tools that have revolutionized the process, and the outsourcing boom

  • Filled with illustrative case examples from Disney and McDonald's partnering with Happy Meals as well as examples of successful small-scale collaborations
  • Shows how people can collaborate without feeling the pain in the neck contractual obligations—but because they want to participate or contribute
  • The author's company CaseStack if a model of collaboration that shares strengths and increases profits while cutting costs and improving service

This book reveals why collaborative companies are finding ways to make the pie bigger, or create whole new pies, expanding everyone's market and revenue.

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