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Essential reading for experienced developers who are determined to master the latest release of C++

Although C++ is often the language of choice from game programming to major commercial software applications, it is also one of the most difficult to master. With this no-nonsense book, you will learn to conquer the latest release of C++. The author deciphers little-known features of C++, shares detailed code examples that you can then plug into your own code, and reveals the significant changes to C++ that accompany the latest release. You'll discover how to design and build applications that solve real-world problems and then implement the solution using the full capabilities of the language.

Appeals to experienced developers who are looking for a higher level of learning

  • Drills down the extensive changes to the latest C++ standard, C++11, including enhancements made to run-time performance, standard library, language usability, and core language
  • Zeroes in on explaining the more poorly understood elements of the C++ feature set and addresses common pitfalls to avoid
  • Includes case studies that feature extensive, working code that has been tested on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Intertwines text with useful tips, tricks, and workarounds

Packed with best practices for programming, testing, and debugging applications, this book is vital for taking your C++ skills to the next level.

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