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HDR Efex Pro After the Shoot

Sholik, Stan - HDR Efex Pro After the Shoot, ebook


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A concise, on-the-go guide to the new HDR Efex Pro imaging toolkit for photographers

Now that you've gone mobile and HDR, you want to be able to download and enhance your favorite photos on the run, without having to return to the mother ship (i.e., your desktop computer). This book shows you just how to do that using the amazing HDR Efex Pro, the image editing toolset from Nik Software. In brilliant color and using plenty of show-stopping examples, this practical guide explains all tools and features. Follow numbered steps and you'll soon be handling things like alignment, ghosting control, highlights, and contrast just like a professional photographer.

  • Shows you how to use the tools and features of HDR Efex Pro, the revolutionary imaging tool from Nik Software that allows you to create the dramatic High Dynamic Range look from a single image and enables both realistic and artistic effects within a single tool
  • Gets photographers quickly up to speed using easy-to-follow, numbered steps
  • Covers advanced alignment and ghosting control; shadow and highlight detailing; color, contrast, and vignette controls; and more
  • Features gorgeous, full-color examples to illustrate techniques

Take your photography skills to new levels with the exciting new HDR Efex Pro and this must-have guide.

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