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Switching to a Mac Portable Genius

McFedries, Paul - Switching to a Mac Portable Genius, ebook


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Switching from a PC to a Mac is a breeze with this book

Anyone considering making the move to Mac from the Windows world will find this book smoothes the way. While Macs are famous for ease of use, there are fundamental differences in Mac and PC ways of thinking, plus there?s the hassle of moving files, calendars, and other essential data from one platform to another. This guide lays out all the information, explains basic Mac procedures for the newcomer, offers great tips on data-sharing (including running Windows applications on a Mac), and provides everything the new Mac user needs to move forward with confidence.

  • Mac sales have recently surpassed the sales of new PCs, and many new Mac users are trying to adjust to a different way of working with the computer and struggling to transfer essential data from an old PC to the Mac
  • Portable Genius books focus on the most accessible, useful information and deliver it in the most direct way: exactly what these users want
  • Covers the basics that new Mac users need to get started, intermediate-level information to help them make the most of the Mac, and plenty of advice on transferring important data, running Windows applications on the Mac via Boot Camp, maintaining a Mac, and more

With help from Switching to a Mac Portable Genius, Second Edition, former PC users will find themselves comfortable in the Mac world in no time.

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