Plumley, George

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

Plumley, George - WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, ebook


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ISBN: 9781118152942
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The eagerly anticipated second edition, completely updated for WordPress 3.1

As an open source content management system, WordPress allows users to easily build feature-rich web sites with no programming experience. This unique book-and-video package is a friendly, self-paced beginners guide to the latest release of WordPress. Lessons are focused on practical, everyday tasks that users will need to create and maintain their sites: entering new content, creating new pages, managing menus, making content search-engine friendly. Plus you'll find lots of tips based on years of experience teaching people to use WordPress.

You'll also learn how to extend the functionality of WordPress by using the thousands of plugins available. Connecting to social media, creating membership and e-commerce sites, setting up events calendars, making your site mobile-friendly—these are just some of the plugins you'll be introduced to.Each lesson in the book is supplemented by an instructional video on the accompanying DVD, intended to enhance your learning experience. Plus, a trouble-shooting appendix addresses various issues to help you solve any challenges you may face.

  • Packs double the punch with a book-and-video combination that'll quickly get you up and running with the latest version of WordPress
  • Walks you through nearly 40 lessons covering all aspects of WordPress, each with supplementary videos on the accompanying DVD
  • Zeroes in on the key functions of the software—the ones you'll be using the most—and explains them in clear, user-friendly language

If learning the new WordPress is a pressing issue for you, then this book-and-video package is exactly what you need.

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