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Motorola XOOM For Dummies

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Zoom into the next generation of mobile pad technology with Xoom

The buzz on Motorola's new Xoom tablet is that it's made of some pretty powerful hardware and boasts a larger screen, higher resolution, and a more powerful, dual-core CPU than other tablets on the market. On top of that, it runs on Android 3.0—the latest operating system designed specifically for tablets. Get thoroughly up to speed on the unique Motorola Xoom and take advantage of all the amazing things it can do with Motorola Xoom For Dummies.

This full-color book is packed with practical how-tos, Xoom features, smart techniques, and even insider info on the device, thanks to author Andy Rathbone's deep expertise. Learn how to browse the web, download apps, access social networks, customize your Xoom, track down the handiest accessories, and more.

  • Gets you up to speed on the Motorola Xoom tablet
  • Clarifies the basics of how to use it, how the technology works, how to configure everything, and which ten free apps and ten paid apps you absolutely must have
  • Delivers a full slate of features, tips, tricks, and techniques, all in full color
  • Walks you through basic training, browsing the web, sending and receivinge-mail, accessing social networks, downloading apps, using all the fun multimedia features—music, movies, photos, and books—and more
  • Explores how to maintain and customize your Xoom and includes a handy list of Ten Tips 'n Tricks

Get the very most out of the exciting Motorola Xoom. This jam-packed, full-color For Dummies guide makes it easy.

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