Asbell, Matthew D.

Intellectual Property Strategies for the 21st Century Corporation: A Shift in Strategic and Financial Management

Asbell, Matthew D. - Intellectual Property Strategies for the 21st Century Corporation: A Shift in Strategic and Financial Management, ebook


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A practical approach to the modern management of intellectual property

The world has changed significantly in the past decade, resulting in new behavior and practice related to the ownership and management of intellectual property. This book helps executives, attorneys, accountants, managers, owners, and others understand the legal, technological, economic, and cultural changes that have affected IP ownership and management. It provides case studies, practical examples and advice from seasoned and enduring professionals who have adopted new and streamlined methods and practices whether as in-house or outside counsel, or service providers.

  • Provides a practical yet global approach to corporate IP management
  • Serves as a resource for in-house and outside counsel, executives, managers, accountants, consultants and others at mid-size and large corporations
  • Helps professionals navigate the numerous new challenges that have changed the ways in which intellectual property is obtained and managed
  • Details the latest trends in valuation, exploitation, and protection of intellectual property
  • Extensive coverage of the legal, financial, accounting and general business aspects of intellectual property
  • The combined expertise of lawyers, accountants, economists and other business professionals

Timely and relevant in view of the global economic recession amidst rampant technological development, this book offers new solutions, practices, policies and strategies as a result of changes in economies and markets, laws, globalization, environment, and public perception.

Keywords: Lanning G. Bryer, Scott J. Lebson, Matthew D. Asbell, Ladas & Parry, intellectual property, IP, copyright, trademark, marks, domain name, patent, intangible assets, brands, marketing, invention, media, Web 2.0, license, assignment, securitization, security interest, collateral, opposition, cancellation, litigation, infringement, registration, use, corporate structure, policy, and strategy; economic and financial strategies, costs, income, profit, value, valuation, brokerage, sale, portfolio, accounting, tax, finance; ownership, non-practicing entity, troll, outsourcing, holding company, insurance, bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, enforcement, monitoring, policing, counterfeiting, piracy, dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration; case studies, practical, examples; David Drews, Fernando Torres, Toshiya Oka, Howard Fine, James Donohue, John Richards, Dennis S. Prahl, Elliot Lipins, Raymond Diperna, Robert Doerfler, Deborah Doraisamy, Joseph Forgione, Joe Giaconda, Kimberly Cauthorn, Leib Dodell, Alicia Lloreda, Steve Mortinger, Terry Heckler, Joshua Braunstein, Jeremiah Pastrick, Marilyn Primiano, Barbara Kolsun, James Markarian, Kelly Slavitt, Joe Cook, James Malackowski, David Rikkers, Jack Hobaugh

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