Dawy, Zaher

Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems: Optimal Solutions and Practical Implementations

Dawy, Zaher - Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems: Optimal Solutions and Practical Implementations, ebook


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Tackling problems from the least complicated to the most, Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems provides readers with a comprehensive look at resource allocation and scheduling techniques (for both single and multi-cell deployments) in uplink OFDMA wireless networks—relying on convex optimization and game theory to thoroughly analyze performance.

Inside, readers will find topics and discussions on:

  • Formulating and solving the uplink ergodic sum-rate maximization problem

  • Proposing suboptimal algorithms that achieve a close performance to the optimal case at a considerably reduced complexity and lead to fairness when the appropriate utility is used

  • Investigating the performance and extensions of the proposed suboptimal algorithms in a distributed base station scenario

  • Studying distributed resource allocation where users take part in the scheduling process, and considering scenarios with and without user collaboration

  • Formulating the sum-rate maximization problem in a multi-cell scenario, and proposing efficient centralized and distributed algorithms for intercell interference mitigation

  • Discussing the applicability of the proposed techniques to state-of-the-art wireless technologies, LTE and WiMAX, and proposing relevant extensions

Along with schematics and figures featuring simulation results, Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems is a valuable book for?wireless communications and cellular systems professionals and students.

Keywords: Mobile & Wireless Communications, LTE, WiMax, OFDMA, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, 3GPP, Long Term Evolution, IEEE 802.16e/m, voice-over-IP, IEEE 802.16m, resouce allocation, Ergodic Sum-Rate Maximization, Wireless systems, Resource allocation, OFDMA, SCFDMA, Uplink, power control, LTE

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IEEE Series on Digital & Mobile Communication
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