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Bridge the gap between using a Mac at home and at the office

Now that you love your Mac at home, you want to use one at the office without missing a beat of productivity or professionalism. This unique guide shows you how.  You’ll find best Mac business practices for handling word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creation, task and project management, and graphics. The book also explores topics such as hardware maintenance, how to synchronize with multiple computers, data backup, and communication with Windows networks.

  • Covers the nuts and bolts of using a Mac at work, including synchronizing with multiple computers, backing up data, and communicating with Windows networks
  • Goes beyond simple coverage of Microsoft Office or iWork to show you how to professionally create and interact with typical office systems and documents
  • Provides best software and best practices for creating and using spreadsheets, word processing documents, and slide presentations on a Mac
  • Gives you helpful guidelines and suggestions that can be lacking in an office where the IT department is focused primarily on PCs

Find out the best ways to use your Mac in the office and get more productive than ever!

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