Greiner, Steven

Ben Graham Was a Quant: Applying the Value Investing Models

Greiner, Steven - Ben Graham Was a Quant: Applying the Value Investing Models, ebook


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Innovative insights on creating models that will help you become a disciplined intelligent investor

The pioneer of value investing, Benjamin Graham, believed in a philosophy that continues to be followed by some of today's most successful investors, such as Warren Buffett. Part of this philosophy includes adhering to your stock selection process come "hell or high water" which, in his view, was one of the most important aspects of investing.

So, if a quant designs and implements mathematical models for predicting stock or market movements, what better way to remain objective, then to invest using algorithms or the quantitative method? This is exactly what Ben Graham Was a Quant will show you how to do. Opening with a brief history of quantitative investing, this book quickly moves on to focus on the fundamental and financial factors used in selecting "Graham" stocks, demonstrate how to test these factors, and discuss how to combine them into a quantitative model.

  • Reveals how to create custom screens based on Ben Graham's methods for security selection

  • Addresses what it takes to find those factors most influential in forecasting stock returns

  • Explores how to design models based on other styles and international strategies

If you want to become a better investor, you need solid insights and the proper guidance. With Ben Graham Was a Quant, you'll receive this and much more, as you learn how to create quantitative models that follow in the footsteps of Graham's value philosophy.

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