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Your Investor Blind Spots

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Praise for Market Psych

"MarketPysch is an important step in taking the field of behavioral finance from the quaint and theoretical to the powerful and practical. Backed by the new research in neuroscience and loaded with techniques tailored to your individual investor personality type, this book is a must-read for the active investor."
—Stephen M. Horan , PhD, CFA, Head, Professional Education Content and Private Wealth, CFA Institute

"As someone whose work in the 1970s and 1980s first highlighted the importance of the prefrontal cortex and limbic system to financial decision making, I can say that this book not only takes that idea and runs with it, but does so in an insightful, practical, and entertaining way."
—Hersh Shefrin , author of Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing

"Peterson and Murtha have channeled the science of behavioral finance to help average investors master their emotions and, in doing so, grant them control over their financial futures. This is a holistic, powerful, and extremely practical book—it’s head and shoulders above the pack."
—Robert Frick , Senior Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

"Cartoonist and animator Walt Kelly's comic strip character Pogo’s now-famous quote, 'We have met the enemy and he is us,' is a befitting rendition of what most investors realize but have difficulty controlling—themselves. MarketPsych provides well-researched solutions for investors to heed. Knowing your own propensity to the temptations and emotional foibles of the financial markets is the critical step to making sound choices."
—Arnold Wood , President and Chief Executive Officer, Martingale Asset Management

"The average investor is bombarded with over the top media reports and struggling with their own basic human behaviors. The odds are stacked against the average investor. Richard and Frank's book on dealing with fear and building your investor identity is designed to tilt the odds and is a must-read for all investors."
—Oliver Murray, President and Chief Executive Officer, Brandes Investment Partners & Co.

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