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The Social Media Management Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get Social Media Working In Your Business

Smith, Nick - The Social Media Management Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get Social Media Working In Your Business, ebook

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How do organizations manage social media effectively?

Every organization wants to implement social media, but it is difficult to create processes and mange employees to make this happen. Most social media books focus on strategies for communicating with customers, but they fail to address the internal process that takes place within a business before those strategies can be implemented. This book is geared toward helping you manage every step of the process required to use social media for business.

The Social Media Management Handbook provides a complete toolbox for defining and practicing a coherent social media strategy. It is a comprehensive resource for bringing together such disparate areas as IT, customer service, sales, communications, and more to meet social media goals. Wollan and Smith and their Accenture team explain policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, metrics, strategies, incentives, and legal issues that may arise. You will learn how to:

  • Empower employees and teams to utilize social media effectively throughout the organization
  • Measure the ROI of social media investments and ensure appropriate business value is achieved over time
  • Make smarter decisions, make them more quickly, and make them stick

Get the most out of your social media investment and fully leverage its benefits at your company with The Social Media Management Handbook.

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