Wang, Liuping

System Identification, Environmental Modelling, and Control System Design

Wang, Liuping - System Identification, Environmental Modelling, and Control System Design, ebook


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Table of contents

1. How Accurate Can Instrumental Variable Models Become?
Torsten Söderström

2. Refined Instrumental Variable Methods for Hammerstein Box-Jenkins Models
Vincent Laurain, Marion Gilson, Hugues Garnier

3. Identifiability, and Beyond
Eric Walter

4. Model Structure Identification and the Growth of Knowledge
M. B. Beck, Z. Lin, J. D. Stigter

5. Application of Minimum Distortion Filtering to Identification of Linear Systems Having Non-uniform Sampling Period
Graham C. Goodwin, Mauricio G. Cea

6. Averaging Analysis of Adaptive Algorithms Made Simple
Victor Solo

7. Graphs for Dependence and Causality in Multivariate Time Series
Christoph Flamm, Ulrike Kalliauer, Manfred Deistler, Markus Waser, Andreas Graef

8. Box-Jenkins Seasonal Models
Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson, Peter Armitage

9. State Dependent Regressions: From Sensitivity Analysis to Meta-modeling
Marco Ratto, Andrea Pagano

10. Multi-state Dependent Parameter Model Identification and Estimation
Włodek Tych, Jafar Sadeghi, Paul J. Smith, Arun Chotai, C. James Taylor

11. On Application of State Dependent Parameter Models in Electrical Demand Forecast
Nguyen-Vu Truong, Liuping Wang

12. Automatic Selection for Non-linear Models
Jennifer L. Castle, David F. Hendry

13. Construction of Radial Basis Function Networks with Diversified Topologies
X. Hong, S. Chen, C. J. Harris

14. Application of Filtering Methods for Removal of Resuscitation Artifacts from Human ECG Signals
Ivan Markovsky, Anton Amann, Sabine Huffel

15. Progress and Open Questions in the Identification of Electrically Stimulated Human Muscle for Stroke Rehabilitation
Fengmin Le, Chris T. Freeman, Ivan Markovsky, Eric Rogers

16. Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling: Natural Philosophy Revisited?
Peter C. Young

17. Identification and Representation of State Dependent Non-linearities in Flood Forecasting Using the DBM Methodology
Keith J. Beven, David T. Leedal, Paul J. Smith, Peter C. Young

18. Transport and Dispersion in Large Rivers: Application of the Aggregated Dead Zone Model
Sarka D. Blazkova, Keith J. Beven, Paul J. Smith

19. Stochastic and Robust Control of Water Resource Systems: Concepts, Methods and Applications
Andrea Castelletti, Francesca Pianosi, Rodolfo Soncini-Sessa

20. Real-Time Optimal Control of River Basin Networks
R. Evans, L. Li, I. Mareels, N. Okello, M. Pham, W. Qiu, S. K. Saleem

21. Modelling of Rivers for Control Design
Mathias Foo, Su Ki Ooi, Erik Weyer

22. Modelling Environmental Change: Quantification of Impacts of Land Use and Land Management Change on UK Flood Risk
H. S. Wheater, C. Ballard, N. Bulygina, N. McIntyre, B. M. Jackson

23. Hydrological Catchment Classification Using a Data-Based Mechanistic Strategy
Thorsten Wagener, Neil McIntyre

24. Application of Optimal Nonstationary Time Series Analysis to Water Quality Data and Pollutant Transport Modelling
Renata J. Romanowicz

25. Input-Output Analysis of Phloem Partitioning Within Higher Plants
Peter E. H. Minchin

26. Chaos Theory for Modeling Environmental Systems: Philosophy and Pragmatism
Bellie Sivakumar

27. Linear and Nonlinear Non-minimal State Space Control System Design
C. James Taylor, Arun Chotai, Wlodek Tych

28. Simulation Model Emulation in Control System Design
C. X. Lu, N. W. Rees, Peter C. Young

29. Predictive Control of a Three-Phase Regenerative PWM Converter
Dae Keun Yoo, Liuping Wang, Peter Gawthrop

30. SSpace: A Flexible and General State Space Toolbox for MATLAB
Diego J. Pedregal, C. James Taylor

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Circuits and Systems, Simulation and Modeling, Systems Theory, Control

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