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Pediatric Critical Care Study Guide

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Table of contents

1. Fundamentals of Gas Exchange and the Assessment of Oxygenation and Ventilation
John S. Sullivan, Toah A. Nkromah

2. Oxygen Delivery and Oxygen Consumption in Pediatric Critical Care
Juan A. Gutierrez, Andreas A. Theodorou

3. Hemodynamics
Scott A. Hagen, Timothy E. Corden

4. Regional Circulations
Demetris Yannopoulos, Vinay M. Nadkarni

5. Assessment of Cardiovascular Function
Frank A. Maffei

6. Overview, Structure and Function of the Nephron
Megan Rashid, George J. Schwartz

7. Physiology of Skeletal Muscle and the Neuromuscular Junction
Ellen D. Iannoli, Michael P. Eaton

8. Assessment of Neurologic Function
Elizabeth E. Scarlett, Brandi N. Peachey, Jill M. Gotoff

9. Endothelial Interactions and Coagulation
Trung C. Nguyen, Joseph A. Carcillo

10. The Inflammatory Response
Mark W. Hall

11. Genetic Predisposition to Critical Illness in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Neal J. Thomas, Mary K. Dahmer, Michael W. Quasney

12. Conventional Mechanical Ventilation
Joseph D. Tobias

13. Non-conventional Mechanical Ventilation
Michael D. Dettorre

14. Mechanical and Electrical Myocardial Support
Sabrina S. L. Tsao, Kendra M. Ward, Denise M. Goodman

15. Renal Replacement Therapies and Other Extracorporeal Therapies
Andrew L. Schwaderer, Marc B. Lande

16. Pharmacology
Gretchen L. Brummel, Steven E. Lucking

17. Cardiovascular Drug Therapy
Frank A. Maffei

18. Sedation and Analgesia
Richard L. Lambert, Lela W. Brink, Frank A. Maffei

19. Neuromuscular Blockade
Michael P. Eaton, A. Marika Stone

20. Use of Blood Products
Jill M. Cholette, Norma B. Lerner

21. Nutrition in Critical Illness
Margaret A. Satchell

22. Upper Airway Obstruction
Steven E. Lucking

23. Severe Asthma
Neal J. Thomas, Frank A. Maffei

24. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Frank A. Maffei, Neal J. Thomas

25. Acute Pulmonary Infections
Karen S. Powers

26. Circulatory Failure/Shock
Hector R. Wong

27. Sepsis
Angela Lorts, Timothy T. Cornell, Thomas P. Shanley

28. Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
Nikoleta S. Kolovos, Barry P. Markovitz

29. Disorders of Cardiac Rhythm
William G. Harmon

30. Post-operative Cardiac Care
Surender Rajasekaran, John C. Ring

31. Cerebral Resuscitation and Traumatic Brain Injury
Ericka L. Fink, Patrick M. Kochanek, Robert S. B. Clark

32. Neurological Diseases in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Michael J. Bell, Aditi Sharangpani

33. The Approach to the Critically Ill Infant
Frank A. Maffei

34. Nosocomial Infections
Elise W. Jagt

35. Fluid/Electrolyte/Acid–Base Abnormalities
Michael L. Moritz

36. Acute Kidney Injury
William S. Varade, Elif Erkan

37. Acute Liver Injury and Failure in Children
Richard L. Lambert

38. Hematology and Oncology in Critical Illness
Leonardo R. Brandão, Scott C. Howard, Kenneth W. Gow, Surender Rajasekaran, Robert F. Tamburro

39. Critical Care Endocrinology
Kecha A. LynShue, Mark A. Sperling

40. Metabolic Crises
Paul J. Bellino

41. Trauma/Burn
Robert E. Cilley, Eric H. Bradburn

42. Toxicology for the Pediatric Intensivist
L. Eugene Daugherty, Frank A. Maffei

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