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Table of contents

1. Imaging Strategies for Studying Mammalian Oogenesis
S. Darlene Limback, David F. Albertini

2. Origin, Migration, and Proliferation of Human Primordial Germ Cells
Massimo Felici

3. Damage Control in the Female Germline: Protecting Primordial Follicles
Michelle Myers, Karla J. Hutt

4. Regulation of Quiescence and Activation of Oocyte Growth in Primordial Follicles
Deepak Adhikari, Kui Liu

5. The Structural Basis for Coordinating Oogenesis and Folliculogenesis
Maria Cristina Guglielmo, David F. Albertini

6. How the Oocyte Influences Follicular Cell Function and Why
Martin M. Matzuk, Qinglei Li

7. Changes of Large-Scale Chromatin Configuration During Mammalian Oocyte Differentiation
Alberto Maria Luciano, Valentina Lodde

8. The Quest for Oogenesis (Folliculogenesis) In Vitro
Sergio Romero, Sandra Sanfilippo, Johan Smitz

9. Regulation of Oogenesis by Oocyte-Specific Gene Networks
Swamy K. Tripurani, Stephanie A. Pangas

10. An Epigenomic Biography of the Mammalian Oocyte
Maurizio Zuccotti, Valeria Merico, Carlo Alberto Redi, Silvia Garagna

11. Epigenetic Regulation of Oocyte Function and Developmental Potential
Wendy Dean

12. Signaling for Meiotic Resumption in Granulosa Cells, Cumulus Cells, and Oocyte
Lisa M. Mehlmann

13. Start and Stop Signals of Oocyte Meiotic Maturation
Keith T. Jones, Simon I. R. Lane, Janet E. Holt

14. Cytoskeletal Correlates of Oocyte Meiotic Divisions
Marie-Hélène Verlhac, Manuel Breuer

15. Organelle Rearrangement in the Maturing Oocyte
Lucia Santis, Tiziana A. L. Brevini

16. Origins of Oocyte Aneuploidy
Liborio Stuppia

17. Cumulus Cell Gene Expression as a Marker of Oocyte Quality
Mourad Assidi, Marc-André Sirard

18. Oocyte Polarity and Its Developmental Significance
Anna Ajduk, Agnieszka Jedrusik, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

19. The Role of the Plasma Membrane and Pericortical Cytoplasm in Early Mammalian Development
Jonathan Blerkom

20. The Choreography of Fertilization
Giovanni Coticchio, Fausta Brambillasca

21. Determinants of Oocyte Quality: Impact on In Vitro Fertilization Failures
Catherine M. H. Combelles, Vanesa Y. Rawe

22. Maternal Diet, Oocyte Nutrition and Metabolism, and Offspring Health
Miguel A. Velazquez, Tom P. Fleming

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Reproductive Medicine

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