Birkhofer, Herbert

The Future of Design Methodology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
H. Birkhofer

2. Is Engineering Design Disappearing from Design Research?
M. M. Andreasen, T. J. Howard

3. Methodical Support for the Development of Modular Product Families
D. Krause, S. Eilmus

4. Risk-Driven Design Processes: Balancing Efficiency with Resilience in Product Design
J. Oehmen, W. Seering

5. Methodology and Computer-Aided Tools - A Powerful Interaction for Product Development
H. Meerkamm

6. A Reuse Design Decision Support System Based on Self-Organizing Maps
J. Feldhusen, A. Nagarajah, S. Schubert, A. Brezing

7. Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Product Development - A Challenge for Design Methodologies and Knowledge Management
H. Binz, A. Keller, M. Kratzer, M. Messerle, D. Roth

8. Design Theory and Methodology - Contributions to the Computer Support of Product Development/Design Processes
C. Weber

9. Summary - Specific Approaches to Further Develop Design Methodology
H. Birkhofer

10. Boundary Conditions for a New Type of Design Task: Understanding Product/Service-Systems
T. C. McAloone

11. Product/Service System Design and Beyond
T. Sakao

12. Open Product Development
A. Riitahuhta, T. Lehtonen, A. Pulkkinen, P. Huhtala

13. Managing Virtual Product Creation
R. Anderl

14. Systems Engineering versus Design Methodology
U. Lindemann

15. The Autogenetic Design Theory
S. Vajna, K. Kittel, T. Bercsey

16. Towards a Designer-Centred Methodology: Descriptive Considerations and Prescriptive Reflections
P. Badke-Schaub, J. Daalhuizen, N. Roozenburg

17. A New Perspective on Product Engineering Overcoming Sequential Process Models
A. Albers, E. Sadowski, L. Marxen

18. Summary - Holistic Ways to Supply, Extend or Replace Design Methodology
H. Birkhofer

19. What Designers Can Learn From Leonardo, an Ingenious Artist, Scientist and Engineer
H.-J. Franke

20. “Design … but of What”?
M. Cantamessa

21. Transferring Design Methods into Practice
K. Wallace

22. Towards a Taxonomy of Design Research Areas
A. Chakrabarti

23. Design Research and Education: A University Perspective
D. Marjanović

24. The Future of Design Research: Consolidation, Collaboration and Inter-Disciplinary Learning?
Chris McMahon

25. Summary - General Reflections on Design Methodology
H. Birkhofer

26. Conclusions
H. Birkhofer

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

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