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Complex Engineering Service Systems

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Table of contents

1. Towards a Core Integrative Framework for Complex Engineering Service Systems
Irene Ng, Glenn Parry, Duncan McFarlane, Paul Tasker

2. Service Enterprise Transformation
Valerie Purchase, Glenn Parry, John Mills

3. Enterprise Imaging: Visualising the Scope and Dependencies of Complex Service Enterprises
John Mills, Glenn Parry, Valerie Purchase

4. Complexity Management
Glenn Parry, Valerie Purchase, John Mills

5. Towards Understanding the Value of the Client’s Aspirations and Fears in Complex, Long-term Service Contracts
John Mills, Glenn Parry, Valerie Purchase

6. Redefining Organisational Capability for Value Co-creation in Complex Engineering Service Systems
Irene Ng, Sai Nudurupati, Jason Williams

7. Service Uncertainty and Cost for Product Service Systems
John Ahmet Erkoyuncu, Rajkumar Roy, Partha Datta, Philip Wardle, Frank Murphy

8. Incentives and Contracting for Availability: Procuring Complex Performance
Nigel D. Caldwell, Vince Settle

9. Behaviour Transformation: An Examination of Relational Governance in Complex Engineering Service
Lei Guo, Irene Ng

10. A Framework for Service Information Requirements
Rachel Cuthbert, Duncan McFarlane, Andy Neely

11. Investigating the Role of Information on Service Strategies Using Discrete Event Simulation
Rachel Cuthbert, Ashutosh Tiwari, Peter D. Ball, Alan Thorne, Duncan McFarlane

12. A Blueprint for Engineering Service Definition
Alison McKay, Saikat Kundu

13. Contracting for Availability and Capability in the Defence Environment
Christopher J. Hockley, Jeremy C. Smith, Laura J. Lacey

14. Enabling Support Solutions in the Defence Environment
Christopher J. Hockley, Adam T. Zagorecki, Laura J. Lacey

15. Modelling Techniques to Support the Adoption of Predictive Maintenance
Ken R. McNaught, Adam T. Zagorecki

16. Component Level Replacements: Estimating Remaining Useful Life
W. Wang, M. J. Carr

17. Scheduling Asset Maintenance and Technology Insertions
W. Wang, M. J. Carr

18. Simulation Based Process Design Methods for Maintenance Planning
Joe Butterfield, William McEwan

19. Integrated Approach to Maintenance and Capability Enhancement
Emma Kelly, Svetan Ratchev

20. Mapping Platform Transformations
Clive I. V. Kerr, Robert Phaal, David R. Probert

21. Service Thinking in Design of Complex Sustainment Solutions
L. A. Wood, P. H. Tasker

22. Towards Integrative Modelling of Service Systems
Peter J. Wild

23. Complex Engineering Service Systems: A Grand Challenge
Irene Ng, Glenn Parry, Roger Maull, Duncan McFarlane

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Innovation/Technology Management, Organization/Planning, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

Publication year
Decision Engineering
Page amount
13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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