Pokojski, Jerzy

New World Situation: New Directions in Concurrent Engineering

Pokojski, Jerzy - New World Situation: New Directions in Concurrent Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Novel Bio-Inspired Approach for Adaptive Manufacturing System Control
Wenbin Gu, Dunbing Tang, Lei Wang

2. Ongoing Research on Adaptive Layered Manufacturing from Overtraced Freehand Sketch
Natthavika Chansri, Pisut Koomsap

3. An Application of Neural Network in Recognizing of the Tooth Contact of Spiral and Hypoid Bevel Gears
Piotr Skawinski

4. Integration of Time Management in the Digital Factory
Ulf Eberhardt, Stefan Rulhoff, Josip Stjepandic

5. Concurrent Development of Products, Processes and Manufacturing Systems in PLM Environments
Duda Jan, Pobożniak Janusz

6. Development of Accuracy Evaluation System for Curved Shell Plate by Laser Scanner
Kazuo Hiekata, Hiroyuki Yamato, Masakazu Enomoto, Yoshiaki Oida, Yoshiyuki Furukawa, Yuki Makino, Taketoshi Sugihiro

7. Managing Demand Uncertainty with Knowledge Utilized Forecasting
Kenji Tanaka, Jing Zhang

8. An Application of Simulation Based Process Design
Yoichiro Suzuki, Yan Jin, Hideo Koyama, Gahee Kang

9. The Use of Expert Systems Associated to Agents for Routing Suggestions for Service Orders
Izabel C. Zattar, João Carlos E. Ferreira

10. Augmented Reality for Machinery Systems Design and Development
Marcin Januszka, Wojciech Moczulski

11. Development of a Virtual Environment to Implement a Computer-Based Tool for Interactive Simulation of Lathe Operation
Dariusz Kalwasiński, Antoni Saulewicz, Krystyna Myrcha

12. Interoperability of Complex Business Networks by Language Independent Information Models
Carlos Agostinho, Filipe Correia, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves

13. A Kansei Clustering Method for Emotional Design Using Design Structure Matrix
Yuexiang Huang, Chun-Hsien Chen, Li Pheng Khoo

14. User’s Subjective Interpretation of Bodily Movements as Gestural Commands to Robot Companions
Hsiao-Chen You, Yi-Shin Deng

15. A Study on Color Emotion for Plastic Eyewear
Ching-Chien Liang, Kuohsiang Chen, Chun-Heng Ho

16. A Strategy for Customer-Oriented Human-Centric Product Conceptualization
Wunching Chang, Wei Yan, Chun-Hsien Chen

17. Investigating Persuasion in Sustainable Design to Change Behaviour and Attitude
Chia-Hsin Wu, Hsiao-Chen You, Yi-Shin Deng

18. The Consistency Between the Real Affordance and the Perceived Affordance: In the Case of Gripping a Mug
Cheng-Ting Yen, Min-Yuan Ma, Chun-Heng Ho

19. A Design Method of Product Family for Unpredictable Customer Requirements Using Fuzzy Sets
Kazuhiro Aoyama, Nobuyuki Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Koga

20. A Modular Design Method for Scenario Embedded Product
Tsuyoshi Koga, Hideshi Aoki, Kazuhiro Aoyama

21. Version Control Management for Federated Service-oriented File Sharing
Michael Sobolewski, Amaresh Ghosh

22. Ontology-Based Approach in Hybrid Engineering Knowledge Representation for Stamping Die Design
Margot Ruschitzka, Adam Suchodolski, Jerzy Wróbel

23. Documentation and Management of Product Knowledge in a System for Automated Variant Design: A Case Study
Fredrik Elgh, Mikael Cederfeldt

24. Knowledge Base of Computer-Aided System for Design of Safe Ship Power Plants
Tomasz Kowalewski, Wieslaw Tarelko

25. Knowledge Management and e-Learning for Underground Construction Projects
Alba Fuertes, Nuria Forcada, Miquel Casals, Marta Gangolells, Xavier Roca, Francisco Ballester, Ruben Diego, Jose Manuel Horra

26. Knowledge-Based Engineering Review: Conceptual Foundations and Research Issues
Wim J. C. Verhagen, Richard Curran

27. Collaboration for Knowledge-Based Engineering Templates Update
Olivier Kuhn, Parisa Ghodous, Thomas Dusch, Pierre Collet

28. Engineering Knowledge Modeling in Design
Jerzy Pokojski, Karol Szustakiewicz, Maciej Gil

29. Ontology-Based Intelligent Personal Assistant
Wojciech Skarka

30. Multiagent System for Aiding Designing Process
Sebastian Rzydzik, Wojciech Skarka

31. A Formal Model of a Complex Estimation Method in Lean Product Development Process
Leonid Kamalov, Alexander Pokhilko, Timur Tylaev

32. Identification and Modelling of Product Development Process Activities: Time and Cost Analysis in SME’s
Carlos Alberto Costa, Joanir Luis Kalnin, Sandro Rogério dos Santos

33. The Conceptual LeanPPD Model
Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Essam Shehab, Rahman Alam, Amaia Sopelana, Mikel Sorli, Myrna Flores, Marco Taisch, Dragan Stokic, Mike James-Moore

34. From Lean Product Development to Lean Innovation: Finding Better Ways of Satisfying Customer Value
Martin Gudem, Torgeir Welo

35. Identifying Lean Thinking Measurement Needs and Trends in Product Development: Evidence from the Life Sciences Sector in Switzerland
Myrna Flores, Sergio Klinke, Christopher Tucci, Sergio Terzi, Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Amaia Sopelana

36. Applying the Core Elements of a Lean Enterprise to Product Development
James Eoin Ryan, Michael Philipp Reik

37. Collaborative Design of Modularized Set-Meal Using the Mass Customization Concept
Amy J. C. Trappey, Kuan-Ju Chen, Yu-Jen Lo

38. Sales Service Improvement for an Industrial Transformer Manufacturer
Amy J. C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey, Yi-Liang Lin, Yi-Kai Kuo, Yu-Sheng Chang, Lin Ma

39. Supporting Management and Analysis of Quotations in a Design Automation Approach to Customization
Fredrik Elgh

40. Applying Image Processing for Rapid Customization of Multi-Color Nested Pattern Products
Pornnalin Kuagoolkijgarn, Pisut Koomsap

41. A Study on Total Performance Analysis of Service Oriented Eco-Businesses
Yoon-Young Chun, Shinsuke Kondoh, Nozomu Mishima, Kun-Mo Lee

42. Preference Set-Based Design Method for Sustainable Product Creation
Masato Inoue, Kai Lindow, Rainer Stark, Haruo Ishikawa

43. Co-Innovation and the Value–Time Curve: A Case Study on the Dassault Falcon 7X and Embraer 170/190 Series
Wouter Beelaerts Blokland, Oliver Meer, Remco Rakers

44. Method for Evaluating VR-Based Tools for Collaborative Design
Michele Germani, Maura Mengoni, Margherita Peruzzini

45. How to Support Mechanical Product Cost Estimation in the Embodiment Design Phase
Paolo Cicconi, Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini

46. A Geometric Modelling in the CAD System from the Medical Images to Support Prosthesis Design
Osiris Canciglieri, Marcelo Rudek, Tiago Francesconi, Teófilo Miguel Souza

47. Development of White Goods Parts in a Concurrent Engineering Environment Based on DFM/DFA Concepts
Osiris Canciglieri, João Pedro Buiarskey Kovalchuk, Marcelo Rudek, Teófilo Miguel Souza

48. Sustainable Logistics: Example Automobile Manufacturer
Stefan Schmidt

49. Systems Concurrent Engineering of an Electrical Ground Support Equipment for an On-Board Computer
Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Alessandro Gerlinger Romero, Fabrício Novaes Kucinskis, Carlos Eduardo Andrade Lemonge, Renan Fernandes Vazquez, Magda Aparecida Silverio Miyashiro

50. Systems Concurrent Engineering of a Turbo-Generator
Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Daniel Arandiga, Ana Elisabete Mitiko Matsumoto Miura, Fernando Arandiga

51. Systems Concurrent Engineering of an Electric Bike
Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Eliseu Zednik Ferreira, Everaldo Silvério, Marcelo Soares Leão

52. Systems Concurrent Engineering for the Conception of a Hybrid Vehicle
Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Letícia Azevedo Oliveira Fideles, Daniella Fernandes, Rosely Semabukuro, Carlos Oliveira Lino

53. Systems Concurrent Engineering to Develop a Green Car
Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Javier Gonzales, Luiz Trivelato, Michelle Eller, Valéria Silveira

54. Implementation Concept of a Versioning Approach for Civil Engineering Process Models
Wolfgang Huhnt, Lukas Olbrich, Vladislav Fedotov, Felix Enge, Sven Richter

55. Numerical Simulations of the Microscale Material Phenomena Based on Cellular Automata Framework and Workflow Idea
Rauch Lukasz, Madej Lukasz, Perzynski Konrad

56. Methodology for Environmental Impact and Performance Assessment of Derivative Electronic Products
Tzu-An Chiang, Z.-H. Che, Tung-Te Wang

57. Use Case Based Testing to Improve Smart Grid Development
Eric Simmon, Arthur Griesser

58. Context Model for Testing Analysis Phase of Information Systems
German Urrego-Giraldo, Gloria Lucía Giraldo

59. Product and Service Development with Customers
Shuichi Fukuda

60. Mahalanobis Distance Approach for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors Diagnostics
Nishad Patil, Diganta Das, Michael Pecht

61. Estimation Design Rework Efforts in the Early Phase of Design and Development
Panumas Arundachawat, Rajkumar Roy, Ahmed Al-Ashaab

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Engineering Design, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Automotive Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Industrial and Production Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Concurrent Engineering
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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