Skjerve, Ann Britt

Simulator-based Human Factors Studies Across 25 Years

Skjerve, Ann Britt - Simulator-based Human Factors Studies Across 25 Years, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Use of Simulators in Human Factors Studies Within the Nuclear Industry
Ronald Laurids Boring

2. The History of HAMMLAB
Fridtjov Øwre

3. The Purpose of HAMMLAB and the Theoretical Basis for Experimental Research
Gyrd Skraaning, Andreas Bye

4. Methodological Challenges in HAMMLAB
Gyrd Skraaning, Maren Helene Rø Eitrheim

5. Simulator Studies: The Next Best Thing?
Erik Hollnagel

6. Human Performance and Plant Safety Performance
John M. O’Hara, J. Persensky

7. More than 40 Years of Operator-Process-Communication Research
Jon Øyen Hol, Thorbjørn J. Bjørlo

8. Experiments with Conventional and Advanced Modes of Instrumentation in HAMMLAB
Ed Marshall

9. The Advanced Control Room Project ISACS
Kjell Haugset

10. Alarm Systems
Øivind Berg, Magnhild Kaarstad, Jan Erik Farbrot, Christer Nihlwing, Tommy Karlsson, Belen Torralba

11. Information Display Design: Three Attempts at Superseding the Traditional Process Mimic Display
Gisle Andresen

12. Staffing Levels: Methods for Assessing Requirements
Angelia Sebok, Beth Plott

13. Computerized Procedures
Svein Nilsen, Yeong Cheol Shin

14. Can Human Operators and High-Level Automatic Systems Work Together?
Ann Britt Skjerve, Gyrd Skraaning, Ray Saarni, Stine Strand

15. Task Complexity: What Challenges the Crew and How Do They Cope
Per Øivind Braarud, Barry Kirwan

16. International HRA Empirical Study, Overall Methodology and HAMMLAB Results
Salvatore Massaiu, Andreas Bye, Per Øivind Braarud, Helena Broberg, Michael Hildebrandt, Vinh N. Dang, Erasmia Lois, John A. Forester

17. Work Practices and Cooperation in a Near Future and Far Future Operational Environment
Magnhild Kaarstad, Espen Nystad, Stine Strand

18. Augmented and Virtual Reality Research in Halden 1998–2008
Michael N. Louka

19. Knowledge Transfer to Industry from HAMMLAB Related Research Activities
Thorbjørn J. Bjørlo

20. Human Performance Research and Its Uses to Inform Human Reliability Analysis
Bruce P. Hallbert, Vinh N. Dang, Erasmia Lois

21. Studies for the Future
Espen Nystad, Bernard Papin, Andreas Bye, Ann Britt Skjerve, Michael Louka, Fridtjov Øwre, Øivind Berg, Jan O. Heimdal, Per Øivind Braarud

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Nuclear Engineering, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems

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20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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