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Top Dog: Impress and Influence Everyone You Meet

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Get the results you want and come out as the Top Dog in everyconversation

Fancy being the ‘Top Dog’ in all your dealings? Fedup of feeling like the underdog? So many of us regularly‘lose’ in conversations before we’ve even openedour mouths? Often without realising it, we don’t seeourselves as a peer of the other person. And we transmit this inwhat we do and say (“I’ll fit round you. I knowyou’re really busy.”) The other person picks up onthis. And, without doing a thing, they’re suddenly incharge!

Top Dog will teach you how to lead in all your interactions, so youcan get more of what you want, more often.

Together, Andy Bounds and Richard Ruttle are experts at helpingpeople achieve more from their conversations with others. Theirtechniques work in every type of interaction—conversations,socialising, dating, interviews, sales, marketing, and networking.Basically, anytime you want to impress and persuade others.

Top Dog:

• Details the skill set needed to gain competitiveadvantage from the outset 

• Provides instructive and thought-provoking content,relevant to both beginners, and seasoned professionals

• Contains insights from working with some of theworld’s largest companies

• Addresses how to achieve more from interactions inbusiness and social arenas

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