Law, Graham

Feel Good: How to Change Your Mood and Cope with Whatever Comes Your Way

Law, Graham - Feel Good: How to Change Your Mood and Cope with Whatever Comes Your Way, ebook


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A practical, inspirational guide to managing your moods, improving your outlook, and beating stress and anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, or just plain down about life? This book is the cure for what ails you. Mood can affect every aspect of your life, from your performance at work to your personal relationships, and being able to take control of your moods, rather than have them control you, is something all the most successful people have in common. Combining techniques from two powerful, complementary therapeutic approaches–Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness–Feel Good is an everyday mood control book that can help you keep your spirits and your confidence high, and instill you with a more upbeat, positive, can-do attitude, come what may.

  • A source of inspiration for world-weary nine-to-fivers and an expert guide to beating stress and anxiety
  • Combines the latest research and proven techniques and practices from two powerful therapeutic approaches: CBT and Mindfulness
  • Packed with practical information on how to start feeling happier and more positive about life, and optimize how you deal with people and situations in life and at work
  • Designed for quick reference it lets you access practical information relevant to the mood you’re in at the moment

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