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Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results

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We all have so much going on. A million different projects, to-do lists longer than your arm. We all worry about things – money, deadlines.
With all this buzzing around in our heads it’s often a nightmare trying to concentrate on one thing. What if someone could show you how to empty your mind of all the noise? If you could be shown how to
de-clutter your mind and concentrate on one important thing? Well Jamie Smart, state-of-mind specialist, can do just that – with Clarity he will show you how to get real clarity of thought. You’ll learn how to clear your mind and become less stressed and more productive – and as a result, more confident in your abilities.

Clarity will help you to:

• Greatly improve your concentration and ability to think clearly
• Reduce stress levels and increase productivity
• Grow your confidence and self-belief
• Find innovative solutions to problems and make progress on goals and dreams
• Trust your intuition and improve your decision-making
• Build stronger relationships through better communication

Praise for Clarity:

“Thought-provoking, entertaining, and potentially life changing – highly recommended!”
Michael Neill, Radio Show Host and Author of The Inside-Out Revolution: The only thing you need to know to change your life forever

“A powerful, positive book that can help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible, in every area.”
Brian Tracy, Author of Goals and Eat That Frog

“I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to deal with life stressors and find true wisdom and well-being."
Mark Howard, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, ThreePrinciplesInstitute.org

“Take your time reading this profound book. Jamie Smart is about to blow apart every circumstantial excuse you ever came up with. He’s about to put the steering wheel back in your hands.”
Garret Kramer, Founder of Inner Sports and Author of Stillpower

“The insights you’ll get whilst reading Clarity will resonant in how you manage day to day but, more importantly, provide a framework for refreshing your priorities, goals and drive.”
Peter Lake, Group Business Development Director, JS Group

“The world of leadership, sales and customer engagement has changed radically over the past ten years. People are more savvy, better informed and sick of the same old story. Jamie Smart cuts through the noise of the marketplace and shows you what really works. Profound, practical and instantly applicable; Clarity is essential reading if you want to make your mark in the 21st century.”
Paul Charmatz, Former Managing Director, Camelot

“Jamie, you really hit the bullseye with this brilliant book; it’s a must-read for everyone who wants clarity of mind.”
Joe Stumpf, Founder of By Referral Only and Author of Willing Warrior

“Jamie Smart takes an outdated paradigm of success and turns it on its head. Pull up a chair, get a copy of Clarity and discover how you can experience an exponential increase in clarity and quality of life.”
Rich Litvin, co-author of The Prosperous Coach and Founder of The Confident Woman’s Salon

“Jamie Smart is brilliant! In his book Clarity, he has unlocked an insight into the real-life matrix. Be ready to have your world turned inside-out because, as Jamie so effortlessly demonstrates, this is how it works.”
Richard Enion, Dragon’s Den Winner, BassToneSlap.com and RichEats.TV

“At last – a book that explains the importance of understanding the nature of thought and how the answers are on the inside! I fully endorse and share Jamie’s vision for the ‘Thought Revolution’.”
Andy Gilbert, Founder & developer of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System

“Jamie Smart writes in a way that speaks directly to the challenges people face in today’s business environment. I’m buying a copy for all my clients.”
Cheryl Bond, Ed.D., President, Essential Resilience

“Clarity is an amazing book that provides you with the one realization you need to find happiness, wisdom and clarity in life. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to deal with life stressors and find true wisdom and well-being.”
Mark Howard, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, ThreePrinciplesInstitute.org

“Clarity is an utterly engaging and powerful book that brilliantly elucidates what is undoubtedly the most important revolution in psychology. Jamie shares his understanding using a multitude of real-world examples that bring this understanding to life without jargon or hype.”
Chantal Burns, Leadership Coach, Teacher and Consultant, www.ChantalBurns.com

“Jamie Smart has been a master of life change for many years now, but this is an incredible, perhaps the ultimate, expression of his already powerful wisdom. It’s quite simply revolutionary.”
Alex West, Co-Executive Producer of the original BBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are?

“This amazing book delivers the single most profound insight deep into your mind. All you have to do is not get in the way!”
Jason Bates, CEO of Freeformers, www.freeformers.com

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