Lehner, Christoph

Einstein and the Changing Worldviews of Physics

Lehner, Christoph - Einstein and the Changing Worldviews of Physics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Theories of Gravitation in the Twilight of Classical Physics
Jürgen Renn, Matthias Schemmel

2. The Newtonian Theory of Light Propagation
Jean Eisenstaedt

3. Mach and Einstein, or, Clearing Troubled Waters in the History of Science
Gereon Wolters

4. Tilling the Seedbed of Einstein’s Politics: A Pre-1905 Harbinger?
Robert Schulmann

5. The Early Reception of Einstein’s Relativity among British Philosophers
José M. Sánchez-Ron

6. Science and Ideology in Einstein’s Visit to South America in 1925
Alfredo Tiomno Tolmasquim

7. The Reception of Einstein’s Relativity Theories in Literature and the Arts (1920–1950)
Hubert F. Goenner

8. Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method and His “Foundations of Physics”: Reconciling Causality with the Axiom of General Invariance
Katherine A. Brading, Thomas A. Ryckman

9. Not Only Because of Theory: Dyson, Eddington, and the Competing Myths of the 1919 Eclipse Expedition
Daniel Kennefick

10. Peter Havas (1916–2004)
Hubert F. Goenner

11. Peter Bergmann and the Invention of Constrained Hamiltonian Dynamics
D. C. Salisbury

12. Thoughts About a Conceptual Framework for Relativistic Gravity
Bernard F. Schutz

13. Observational Tests of General Relativity: An Historical Look at Measurements Prior to the Advent of Modern Space-Borne Instruments
J. E. Beckman

14. Primordial Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Microwave Background
Eduardo Battaner, Estrella Florido

15. Singularity Theorems in General Relativity: Achievements and Open Questions
José M. M. Senovilla

16. The History and Present Status of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime
Robert M. Wald

17. The Border Between Relativity and Quantum Theory
Tevian Dray

18. The Issue of the Beginning in Quantum Gravity
Abhay Ashtekar

Keywords: Mathematics, History of Mathematical Sciences, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Mathematical Physics, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics

Publication year
Einstein Studies
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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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