Nikulin, M.S.

Advances in Degradation Modeling

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Table of contents

1. Trends in the Statistical Assessment of Reliability
William Q. Meeker

2. Degradation Processes: An Overview
Mohamed Abdel-Hameed

3. Defect Initiation, Growth, and Failure – A General Statistical Model and Data Analyses
Wayne B. Nelson

4. Properties of Lifetime Estimators Based on Warranty Data Consisting only of Failures
Kazuyuki Suzuki, Watalu Yamamoto, Takashi Hara, Md. Mesbahul Alam

5. Shock Models
Allan Gut, Jürg Hüsler

6. Parametric Shock Models
Waltraud Kahle, Heide Wendt

7. Poisson Approximation of Processes with Locally Independent Increments and Semi-Markov Switching – Toward Application in Reliability
V.S. Koroliuk, N. Limnios, I.V. Samoilenko

8. On Some Shock Models of Degradation
Maxim Finkelstein, Ji Hwan Cha

9. The Wiener Process as a Degradation Model: Modeling and Parameter Estimation
Waltraud Kahle, Axel Lehmann

10. On the General Degradation Path Model: Review and Simulation
Firoozeh Haghighi, Nazanin Nooraee, Narges Nazeri Rad

11. A Closer Look at Degradation Models: Classical and Bayesian Approaches
Marta A. Freitas, Thiago R. dos Santos, Magda C. Pires, Enrico A. Colosimo

12. Optimal Prophylaxis Policy Under Non-monotone Degradation
S.S. Rasova, B.P. Harlamov

13. Deterioration Processes With Increasing Thresholds
S. Zacks

14. Failure Time Models Based on Degradation Processes
Axel Lehmann

15. Degradation and Fuzzy Information
R. Viertl

16. A New Perspective on Damage Accumulation, Marker Processes, and Weibull’s Distribution
Nozer D. Singpurwalla

17. Reliability Estimation of Mechanical Components Using Accelerated Life Testing Models
Fabrice Guérin, M. Barreau, A. Charki, A. Todoskoff, S. Cloupet, D. Bigaud

18. Reliability Estimation from Failure-Degradation Data with Covariates
V. Bagdonavičius, I. Masiulaitytė, M.S. Nikulin

19. Asymptotic Properties of Redundant Systems Reliability Estimators
V. Bagdonavičius, I. Masiulaitytė, M.S. Nikulin

20. An Approach to System Reliability Demonstration Based on Accelerated Test Results on Components
Léo Gerville-Réache, Vincent Couallier

21. Robust Versus Nonparametric Approaches and Survival Data Analysis
Catherine Huber

22. Modelling Recurrent Events for Repairable Systems Under Worse Than Old Assumption
G. Babykina, V. Couallier

23. Survival Models for Step-Stress Experiments With Lagged Effects
N. Kannan, D. Kundu, N. Balakrishnan

24. Estimation of Density on Censored Data
V. Solev

25. Toward a Test for Departure of a Trajectory from a Neighborhood of a Chaotic System
M. LuValle

26. Probability Plotting with Independent Competing Risks
Francis G. Pascual, Christopher Gast

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

Publication year
Statistics for Industry and Technology
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35 pages
Natural Sciences

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