Dehmer, Matthias

Towards an Information Theory of Complex Networks

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Table of contents

1. Entropy of Digraphs and Infinite Networks
A. Mowshowitz

2. An Information-Theoretic Upper Bound on Planar Graphs Using Well-Orderly Maps
Nicolas Bonichon, Cyril Gavoille, Nicolas Hanusse

3. Probabilistic Inference Using Function Factorization and Divergence Minimization
Terence H. Chan, Raymond W. Yeung

4. Wave Localization on Complex Networks
Richard Berkovits, Lukas Jahnke, Jan W. Kantelhardt

5. Information-Theoretic Methods in Chemical Graph Theory
Elena Konstantinova

6. On the Development and Application of Net-Sign Graph Theory
Prabhat K. Sahu, Shyi-Long Lee

7. The Central Role of Information Theory in Ecology
Robert E. Ulanowicz

8. Inferences About Coupling from Ecological Surveillance Monitoring: Approaches Based on Nonlinear Dynamics and Information Theory
L. J. Moniz, J. D. Nichols, J. M. Nichols, E. G. Cooch, L. M. Pecora

9. Markov Entropy Centrality: Chemical, Biological, Crime, and Legislative Networks
C. R. Munteanu, J. Dorado, Alejandro Pazos-Sierra, F. Prado-Prado, L. G. Pérez-Montoto, S. Vilar, F. M. Ubeira, A. Sanchez-Gonzaléz, M. Cruz-Monteagudo, S. Arrasate, N. Sotomayor, E. Lete, A. Duardo-Sánchez, A. Díaz-López, G. Patlewicz, H. González-Díaz

10. Social Ontologies as Generalized Nearly Acyclic Directed Graphs: A Quantitative Graph Model of Social Tagging
Alexander Mehler

11. Typology by Means of Language Networks: Applying Information Theoretic Measures to Morphological Derivation Networks
Olga Abramov, Tatiana Lokot

12. Information Theory-Based Measurement of Software
Edward B. Allen

13. Fair and Biased Random Walks on Undirected Graphs and Related Entropies
Philippe Blanchard, Dimitri Volchenkov

Keywords: Mathematics, Information and Communication, Circuits, Coding and Information Theory, Physiological, Cellular and Medical Topics, Communications Engineering, Networks, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Applications of Mathematics

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Natural Sciences

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