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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Homogenization of the Integro-Differential Burgers Equation
A. Amosov, G. Panasenko

2. Geometric Versus Spectral Convergence for the Neumann Laplacian under Exterior Perturbations of the Domain
J. M. Arrieta, D. Krejĉiřík

3. Dyadic Elastic Scattering by Point Sources: Direct and Inverse Problems
C. E. Athanasiadis, V. Sevroglou, I. G. Stratis

4. Two-Operator Boundary–Domain Integral Equations for a Variable-Coefficient BVP
T. G. Ayele, S. E. Mikhailov

5. Solution of a Class of Nonlinear Matrix Differential Equations with Application to General Relativity
M. Azreg-Aïnou

6. The Bottom of the Spectrum in a Double-Contrast Periodic Model
N. O. Babych

7. Fredholm Characterization of Wiener–Hopf–Hankel Integral Operators with Piecewise Almost Periodic Symbols
G. Bogveradze, L. P. Castro

8. Fractal Relaxed Problems in Elasticity
A. Brillard, M. El Jarroudi

9. Hyers–Ulam and Hyers–Ulam–Rassias Stability of Volterra Integral Equations with Delay
L. P. Castro, A. Ramos

10. Fredholm Index Formula for a Class of Matrix Wiener–Hopf Plus and Minus Hankel Operators with Symmetry
L. P. Castro, A. S. Silva

11. Invertibility of Singular Integral Operators with Flip Through Explicit Operator Relations
L. P. Castro, E. M. Rojas

12. Contact Problems in Bending of Thermoelastic Plates
I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda

13. On Burnett Coefficients in Periodic Media with Two Phases
C. Conca, J. San Martín, L. Smaranda, M. Vanninathan

14. On Regular and Singular Perturbations of the Eigenelements of the Laplacian
R. R. Gadyl’shin

15. High-Frequency Vibrations of Systems with Concentrated Masses Along Planes
D. Gömez, M. Lobo, M. E. Pérez

16. On J. Ball’s Fundamental Existence Theory and Regularity of Weak Equilibria in Nonlinear Radial Hyperelasticity
S. M. Haidar

17. The Conformal Mapping Method for the Helmholtz Equation
N. Khatiashvili

18. Integral Equation Method in a Problem on Acoustic Scattering by a Thin Cylindrical Screen with Dirichlet and Impedance Boundary Conditions on Opposite Sides of the Screen
V. Kolybasova, P. Krutitskii

19. Existence of a Classical Solution and Nonexistence of a Weak Solution to the Dirichlet Problem for the Laplace Equation in a Plane Domain with Cracks
P. A. Krutitskii, N. Ch. Krutitskaya

20. On Different Quasimodes for the Homogenization of Steklov-Type Eigenvalue Problems
M. Lobo, M. E. Pérez

21. Asymptotic Analysis of Spectral Problems in Thick Multi-Level Junctions
T. A. Mel’nyk

22. Integral Approach to Sensitive Singular Perturbations
N. Meunier, É. Sanchez–Palencia

23. Regularity of the Green Potential for the Laplacian with Robin Boundary Condition
D. Mitrea, I. Mitrea

24. On the Dirichlet and Regularity Problems for the Bi-Laplacian in Lipschitz Domains
I. Mitrea, M. Mitrea

25. Propagation of Waves in Networks of Thin Fibers
S. Molchanov, B. Vainberg

26. Homogenization of a Convection–Diffusion Equation in a Thin Rod Structure
G. Panasenko, I. Pankratova, A. Piatnitski

27. Existence of Extremal Solutions of Singular Functional Cauchy and Cauchy–Nicoletti Problems
S. Seikkala, S. Heikkilä

28. Asymptotic Behavior of the Solution of an Elliptic Pseudo-Differential Equation Near a Cone
V. B. Vasilyev

29. Averaging Normal Forms for Partial Differential Equations with Applications to Perturbed Wave Equations
F. Verhulst

30. Internal Boundary Variations and Discontinuous Transversality Conditions in Mechanics
K. Yunt

31. Regularization of Divergent Integrals in Boundary Integral Equations for Elastostatics
V. V. Zozulya

Keywords: Mathematics, Integral Equations, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Physics

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