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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. Error Bounds for L
1 Galerkin Approximations of Weakly Singular Integral Operators
M. Ahues, F. D. d’Almeida, R. Fernandes

2. Construction of Solutions of the Hamburger–Löwner Mixed Interpolation Problem for Nevanlinna Class Functions
J. A. Alcober, I. M. Tkachenko, M. Urrea

3. A Three-Dimensional Eutrophication Model: Analysis and Control
L. J. Alvarez-Vázquez, F. J. Fernández, R. Muñoz-Sola

4. An Analytical Solution for the Transient Two-Dimensional Advection–Diffusion Equation with Non-Fickian Closure in Cartesian Geometry by the Generalized Integral Transform Technique
D. Buske, M. T. Vilhena, D. Moreira, T. Tirabassi

5. A Numerical Solution of the Dispersion Equation of Guided Wave Propagation in N-Layered Media
J. Cardona, P. Tabuenca, A. Samartin

6. Discretization of Coefficient Control Problems with a Nonlinear Cost in the Gradient
J. Casado-Díaz, J. Couce-Calvo, M. Luna-Laynez, J. D. Martín-Gómez

7. Optimal Control and Vanishing Viscosity for the Burgers Equation
C. Castro, F. Palacios, E. Zuazua

8. A High-Order Finite Volume Method for Nonconservative Problems and Its Application to Model Submarine Avalanches
M. J. Castro Díaz, E. D. Fernández-Nieto, J. M. González-Vida, A. Mangeney, C. Parés

9. Convolution Quadrature Galerkin Method for the Exterior Neumann Problem of the Wave Equation
D. J. Chappell

10. Solution Estimates in Classical Bending of Plates
I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda, D. Doty, A. Koshchii

11. Modified Newton’s Methods for Systems of Nonlinear Equations
A. Cordero, J. R. Torregrosa

12. Classification of Some Penalty Methods
A. Correia, J. Matias, P. Mestre, C. Serôdio

13. A Closed-Form Formulation for Pollutant Dispersion in the Atmosphere
C. P. Costa, M. T. Vilhena, T. Tirabassi

14. High-Order Methods for Weakly Singular Volterra Integro-Differential Equations
T. Diogo, M. Kolk, P. Lima, A. Pedas

15. Numerical Solution of a Class of Integral Equations Arising in a Biological Laboratory Procedure
D. A. French, C. W. Groetsch

16. A Mixed Two-Grid Method Applied to a Fredholm Equation of the Second Kind
L. Grammont

17. Homogenized Models of Radiation Transfer in Multiphase Media
A. V. Gusarov, I. Smurov

18. A Porous Finite Element Model of the Motion of the Spinal Cord
P. J. Harris, C. Hardwidge

19. Boundary Hybrid Galerkin Method for Elliptic and Wave Propagation Problems in ℝ3 over Planar Structures
C. Jerez-Hanckes, J.-C. Nédélec

20. Boundary Integral Solution of the Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation
J. Kemppainen, K. Ruotsalainen

21. Boundary Element Collocation Method for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations
J. Kemppainen, K. Ruotsalainen

22. Wavelet-Based Hölder Regularity Analysis in Condition Monitoring
V. Kotila, S. Lahdelma, K. Ruotsalainen

23. Integral Equation Technique for Finding the Current Distribution of Strip Antennas in a Gyrotropic Medium
A. V. Kudrin, E. Yu. Petrov, T. M. Zaboronkova

24. A Two-Grid Method for a Second Kind Integral Equation with Green’s Kernel
R. P. Kulkarni

25. A Brief Overview of Plate Finite Element Methods
C. Lovadina

26. Influence of a Weak Aerodynamics/Structure Interaction on the Aerodynamical Global Optimization of Shape
A. Nastase

27. Multiscale Investigation of Solutions of the Wave Equation
M. Perel, M. Sidorenko, E. Gorodnitskiy

28. The Laplace Transform Method for the Albedo Boundary Conditions in Neutron Diffusion Eigenvalue Problems
C. Z. Petersen, M. T. Vilhena, D. Moreira, R. C. Barros

29. Solution of the Fokker–Planck Pencil Beam Equation for Electrons by the Laplace Transform Technique
B. Rodriguez, M. T. Vilhena

30. Nonlinear Functional Parabolic Equations
L. Simon

31. Grid Computing for Multi-Spectral Tomographic Reconstruction of Chlorophyll Concentration in Ocean Water
R. P. Souto, H. F. Campos Velho, F. F. Paes, S. Stephany, P. O. A. Navaux, A. S. Charão, J. K. Vizzotto

32. Long-Time Solution of the Wave Equation Using Nonlinear Dissipative Structures
J. Steinhoff, S. Chitta

33. High-Performance Computing for Spectral Approximations
P. B. Vasconcelos, O. Marques, J. E. Roman

34. An Analytical Solution for the General Perturbed Diffusion Equation by an Integral Transform Technique
M. T. Vilhena, B. E. J. Bodmann, I. R. Heinen

Keywords: Mathematics, Integral Equations, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Physics

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