Pourtallier, Odile

Advances in Dynamic Games and Their Applications

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Table of contents

2. On Differential Games with Long-Time-Average Cost
Martino Bardi

3. Fields of Extremals and Sufficient Conditions for a Class of Variational Games
Dean Carlson

4. Linear Quadratic Differential Games: An Overview
Jacob Engwerda

5. A Neumann Boundary Control for Multidimensional Parabolic “Minmax” Control Problems
Andrzej Nowakowski

6. Non-Cooperative and Semi-Cooperative Differential Games
Wen Shen

7. Some Geometrical Properties of the Phase Space Structure in Games on Manifolds
Andrei Akhmetzhanov

8. Strategies for Alternative Pursuit Games
Igor Shevchenko

9. Some Sufficient Conditions for Multi-Player Pursuit-Evasion Games with Continuous and Discrete Observations
Dušan M. Stipanovi?, Arik Melikyan, Naira Hovakimyan

10. A Numerical Approach to the ‘Princess and Monster’ Game on an Interval
Steve Alpern, Robbert Fokkink, Roy Lindelauf, Geert Jan Olsder

11. Numerical Approximation and Optimal Strategies for Differential Games with Lack of Information on One Side
Pierre Cardaliaguet

12. Fully-Discrete Schemes for the Value Function of Pursuit-Evasion Games with State Constraints
Emiliano Cristiani, Maurizio Falcone

13. Numerical Solution of the Game of Two Cars with a Neurosimulator and Grid Computing
Hans-Jörg Mettenheim, Michael H. Breitner

14. Numerical Investigation of the Value Function for the Homicidal Chauffeur Problem with a More Agile Pursuer
Valerii S. Patsko, Varvara L. Turova

15. Credible Linear-Incentive Equilibrium Strategies in Linear-Quadratic Differential Games
Guiomar Martín-Herrán, Georges Zaccour

16. Robust Control Approach to Digital Option Pricing:Synthesis Approach
Stéphane Thiery, Pierre Bernhard, Geert Jan Olsder

17. A Search Game with a Strategy of Energy Supply for Target
Ryusuke Hohzaki, Keiko Ikeda

18. The LQG Game Against Nature
Meir Pachter

19. Is Deterrence Evolutionarily Stable?
David Ellison, Michel Rudnianski

20. Evolutionarily Robust Strategies: Two Nontrivial Examples and a Theorem
A. J. Shaiju, Pierre Bernhard

21. Nash Equilibrium in a Game Version of the Elfving Problem.
El?bieta Z. Ferenstein, Anna Krasnosielska

22. Cooperative Strategies in Stopping Games
David Ramsey, Diana Cierpia?

23. Pure Equilibrium Strategies for Stochastic Games via Potential Functions
Jos A.M. Potters, T.E.S. Raghavan, Stef Ha. Tijs

24. Fibonacci Numbers and Equilibria in Large “Neighborhood” Games
Andrzej Wieczorek

Keywords: Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Mathematics, general, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences

Publication year
Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games
Page amount
11 pages
Natural Sciences

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