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Advances in Data Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Assessing the Stability of Supplementary Elements on Principal Axes Maps Through Bootstrap Resampling. Contribution to Interpretation in Textual Analysis
Ramón Alvarez-Esteban, Olga Valencia, Mónica Bécue-Bertaut

2. A Doubly Projected Analysis for Lexical Tables
Simona Balbi, Michelangelo Misuraca

3. Analysis of a Mixture of Closed and Open-Ended Questions in the Case of a Multilingual Survey
Mónica Bécue-Bertaut, Karmele Fernández-Aguirre, Juan I. Modroño-Herrán

4. Number of Frequent Patterns in Random Databases
Loïck Lhote

5. Introduction
Koustautiuos Zografos

6. Measures of Divergence in Model Selection
Alex Karagrigoriou, Kyriacos Mattheou

7. High Leverage Points and Outliers in Generalized Linear Models for Ordinal Data
M.C. Pardo

8. On a Minimization Problem Involving Divergences and Its Applications
Athanasios P. Sachlas, Takis Papaioannou

9. Remarks on Stochastic Models Under Consideration
Ekaterina V. Bulinskaya

10. New Invariance Principles for Critical Branching Process in Random Environment
Valeriy I. Afanasyev

11. Gaussian Approximation for Multichannel Queueing Systems
Larisa G. Afanas’eva

12. Stochastic Insurance Models, Their Optimality and Stability
Ekaterina V. Bulinskaya

13. Central Limit Theorem for Random Fields and Applications
Alexander Bulinski

14. A Berry – Esseen Type Estimate for Dependent Systems on Transitive Graphs
Alexey Shashkin

15. Critical and Subcritical Branching Symmetric Random Walks on d-Dimensional Lattices
Elena Yarovaya

16. Finite Markov Chain Embedding for the Exact Distribution of Patterns in a Set of Random Sequences
Juliette Martin, Leslie Regad, Anne-Claude Camproux, Grégory Nuel

17. On the Convergence of the Discrete-Time Homogeneous Markov Chain
I. Kipouridis, G. Tsaklidis

18. Comparing the Gompertz-Type Models with a First Passage Time Density Model
Christos H. Skiadas, Charilaos Skiadas

19. A Comparison of Recent Procedures in Weibull Mixture Testing
Karl Mosler, Lars Haferkamp

20. Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Geographic Dependence of Risk in Household Insurance
László Márkus, N. Miklós Arató, Vilmos Prokaj

21. The FCN Framework: Development and Applications
Yiannis S. Boutalis, Theodoros L. Kottas, Manolis A. Christodoulou

22. On the Use of Self-Organising Maps to Analyse Spectral Data
Véronique Cariou, Dominique Bertrand

23. Neuro-Fuzzy Versus Traditional Models for Forecasting Wind Energy Production
George Atsalakis, Dimitris Nezis, Constantinos Zopounidis

24. Nonparametric Comparison of Several Sequential k-out-of-n Systems
Eric Beutner

25. Adjusting p-Values when n Is Large in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters
Sonia Migliorati, Andrea Ongaro

26. Fitting Pareto II Distributions on Firm Size: Statistical Methodology and Economic Puzzles
Aldo Corbellini, Lisa Crosato, Piero Ganugi, Marco Mazzoli

27. Application of Extreme Value Theory to Economic Capital Estimation
Samit Paul, Andrew Barnes

28. Multiresponse Robust Engineering: Industrial Experiment Parameter Estimation
Elena G. Koleva, Ivan N. Vuchkov

29. Inference for Binomial Change Point Data
James M. Freeman

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Applications of Mathematics, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

Publication year
Statistics for Industry and Technology
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21 pages
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