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Table of contents

2. Joseph Naus: Father of the Scan Statistic
Sylvan Wallenstein

3. Precedence-Type Tests for the Comparison of Treatments with a Control
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Hon Keung Tony Ng

4. Extreme Value Results for Scan Statistics
Michael V. Boutsikas, Markos V. Koutras, Fotios S. Milienos

5. Boundary Crossing Probability Computationsin the Analysis of Scan Statistics
Hock Peng Chan, I-Ping Tu, NancyRuonan Zhang

6. Approximations for Two-Dimensional Variable Window Scan Statistics
Jie Chen, Joseph Glaz

7. Applications of Spatial Scan Statistics: A Review
Marcelo Azevedo Costa, Martin Kulldorff

8. Extensions of the Scan Statistic for the Detection and Inference of SpatialClusters
Luiz Duczmal, Anderson Ribeiro Duarte, Ricardo Tavares

9. 1-Dependent Stationary Sequences and Applications to Scan Statistics
George Haiman, Cristian Preda

10. Scan Statistics in Genome-Wide Scan for Complex Trait Loci
Josephine Hoh, Jurg Ott

11. On Probabilities for Complex Switching Rules in Sampling Inspection
W.Y. Wendy Lou, James C. Fu

12. Bayesian Network Scan Statistics for Multivariate Pattern Detection
Daniel B. Neill, Gregory F. Cooper, Kaustav Das, Xia Jiang, Jeff Schneider

13. ULS Scan Statistic for Hotspot Detection with Continuous Gamma Response
Ganapati P. Patil, Sharadchandra W. Joshi, Wayne L. Myers, Rajesh E. Koli

14. False Discovery Control for Scan Clustering
Marco Perone-Pacifico, Isabella Verdinelli

15. Martingale Methods for Patterns and Scan Statistics
Vladimir Pozdnyakov, J. Michael Steele

16. How Can Pattern Statistics Be Useful for DNA Motif Discovery?
Sophie Schbath, Stéphane Robin

17. Occurrence of Patterns and Motifs in Random Strings
Valeri T. Stefanov

18. Detection of Disease Clustering
Toshiro Tango

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Physiological, Cellular and Medical Topics, Probability and Statistics in Computer Science, Applications of Mathematics

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Statistics for Industry and Technology
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25 pages
Natural Sciences

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