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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Superconvergence of Projection Methods for Weakly Singular Integral Operators
M. Ahues, A. Largillier, A. Amosov

2. On Acceleration of Spectral Computations for Integral Operators with Weakly Singular Kernels
M. Ahues, A. Largillier, B. Limaye

3. Numerical Solution of Integral Equations in Solidification and Melting with Spherical Symmetry
V.S. Ajaev, J. Tausch

4. An Analytic Solution for the Steady-State Two-Dimensional Advection–Diffusion–Deposition Model by the GILTT Approach
D. Buske, M.T. de Vilhena, D. Moreira, B.E.J. Bodmann

5. Analytic Two-Dimensional Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion Simulation by Double GITT
M. Cassol, S. Wortmann, M.T. de Vilhena, H.F. de Campos Velho

6. Transient Acoustic Radiation from a Thin Spherical Elastic Shell
D.J. Chappell, P.J. Harris, D. Henwood, R. Chakrabarti

7. The Eigenfrequencies and Mode Shapes of Drilling Masts
S. Chergui

8. Layer Potentials in Dynamic Bending of Thermoelastic Plates
I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda

9. Direct Methods in the Theory of Thermoelastic Plates
I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda

10. The Dirichlet Problem for the Plane Deformation of a Thin Plate on an Elastic Foundation
I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda, D. Doty, W. Hamill, S. Pomeranz

11. Some Remarks on Homogenization in Perforated Domains
L. Flodén, A. Holmbom, M. Olsson, J. Silfver

12. Dynamic Response of a Poroelastic Half-Space to Harmonic Line Tractions
V. Gerasik, M. Stastna

13. Convexity Conditions and Uniqueness and Regularity of Equilibria in Nonlinear Elasticity
S.M. Haidar

14. The Mathematical Modeling of Syringomyelia
P.J. Harris, C. Hardwidge

15. A System Iterative Method for Solving First-Kind, Degraded Identity Operator Equations
J. Hilgers, B. Bertram, W. Reynolds

16. Fast Numerical Integration Method Using Taylor Series
H. Hirayama

17. Boundary Integral Solution of the Two-Dimensional Fractional Diffusion Equation
J. Kemppainen, K. Ruotsalainen

18. About Traces, Extensions, and Co-Normal Derivative Operators on Lipschitz Domains
S.E. Mikhailov

19. On the Extension of Divergence-Free Vector Fields Across Lipschitz Interfaces
D. Mitrea

20. Solutions of the Atmospheric Advection–Diffusion Equation by the Laplace Transformation
D.M. Moreira, M.T. de Vilhena, T. Tirabassi, B.E.J. Bodmann

21. On Quasimodes for Spectral Problems Arising in Vibrating Systems with Concentrated Masses
E. Pérez

22. Two-Sided Estimates for Local Minimizers in Compressible Elasticity
G. Del Piero, R. Rizzoni

23. Harmonic Oscillations in a Linear Theory of Antiplane Elasticity with Microstructure
S. Potapenko

24. Exterior Dirichlet and Neumann Problems for the Helmholtz Equation as Limits of Transmission Problems
M.-L. Rapún, F.-J. Sayas

25. Direct Boundary Element Method with Discretization of All Integral Operators
F.-J. Sayas

26. Reciprocity in Elastomechanics: Development of Explicit Results for Mixed Boundary Value Problems
A.P.S. Selvadurai

27. Integral Equation Modeling of Electrostatic Interactions in Atomic Force Microscopy
Y. Shen, D.M. Barnett, P.M. Pinsky

28. Integral Representation for the Solution of a Crack Problem Under Stretching Pressure in Plane Asymmetric Elasticity
E. Shmoylova, S. Potapenko, L. Rothenburg

29. Euler–Bernoulli Beam with Energy Dissipation: Spectral Properties and Control
M. Shubov

30. Correct Equilibrium Shape Equation of Axisymmetric Vesicles
N.K. Vaidya, H. Huang, S. Takagi

31. Properties of Positive Solutions of the Falkner–Skan Equation Arising in Boundary Layer Theory
G.C. Yang, L.L. Shi, K.Q. Lan

32. Stabilization of a Four-Dimensional System under Real Noise Excitation
J. Zhu, W.-C. Xie, R.M.C. So


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