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Advances in Dynamic Games

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Table of contents

Part I.Zero-Sum Game Theory

1. Stochastic Games with Imperfect Monitoring
Dinah Rosenberg, Eilon Solan, Nicolas Vieille

2. Level Sweeping of the Value Function in Linear Differential Games
Sergey S. Kumkov, Valerii S. Patsko

3. Optimal Feedback in a Dynamic Game of Generalized Shortest Path
Vyacheslav P. Serov

Part II.Pursuit-Evasion Games

4. New Approach to Improve the Accuracy in Delayed Information Pursuit-Evasion Games
Josef Shinar, Valery Y. Glizer

5. Game Problems for Systems with Fractional Derivatives of Arbitrary Order
Arkadii A. Chikrii

6. On Two Problems of Group Pursuit
N. N. Petrov, D. A. Vagin

Part III.Games of Coalitions

7. Cooperative Stochastic Games
Leon A. Petrosjan

8. The Uniqueness of a Reduced Game in a Characterization of the Core in Terms of Consistency
Yukihiko Funaki, Takehiko Yamato

9. The Formation of Adaptive Coalitions
Jürgen Scheffran

10. On Assignment Games
T. E. S. Raghavan, Peter Sudhölter

Part IV.New Concepts of Equilibrium

11. The Folk Theorems in the Framework of Evolution and Cooperation
Alexander Vasin

12. Stackelberg Problems: Subgame Perfect Equilibria via Tikhonov Regularization
Jacqueline Morgan, Fioravante Patrone

13. Extended Self, Game, and Conflict Resolution
Noboru Hidano, Shigeo Muto

Part V.Applications to Energy/Environment Economics

14. Game of Timing in Gas Pipeline Projects Competition: Simulation Software and Generalized Equilibrium Solutions
Arkadii Kryazhimskii, Oleg Nikonov, Yaroslav Minullin

15. The Effects of Incomplete Information in Stochastic Common-Stock Harvesting Games
Robert McKelvey, Peter V. Golubtsov

16. A Two-Level Differential Game of International Emissions Trading
Alain Haurie, Francesco Moresino, Laurent Viguier

17. A Stochastic Multigeneration Game for Global Climate Change Impact Assessment
Alain Haurie

Part VI.Management Science Applications

18. An Impulsive Differential Game Arising in Finance with Interesting Singularities
Pierre Bernhard, Naïma Farouq, Stéphane Thiery

19. Incentives for Retailer Promotion in a Marketing Channel
Steffen Jørgensen, Sihem Taboubi, Georges Zaccour

20. Farsighted Behavior Leads to Efficiency in Duopoly Markets
Akihiro Suzuki, Shigeo Muto

21. A Stochastic Game Model of Tax Evasion
T. E. S. Raghavan


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