Greenwald, Howard P

Health Care in the United States: Organization, Management, and Policy

Greenwald, Howard P - Health Care in the United States: Organization, Management, and Policy, ebook

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Health Care in the United States combines an explanation of population health with a comprehensive introduction to health services delivery. The author, an expert on health care policy and management, shows how the U.S. health services system is organized, managed, financed, and evaluated. Filled with numerous examples and tables, this important resource illustrates key concepts, trends, and features of the system. It places special emphasis on recent health care reform legislation and its implications for the future.

Health Care in the United States reviews the historical origins of health care, its resource requirements, costs, quality, and contributions to both individual and social well-being. By combining basic concepts in population health with coverage of health services, the book offers extraordinary breadth of information in a highly accessible, easy-to-read text.

Along with an in-depth look at the origins and possible impact of recent health reform legislation, the book explains the ongoing dilemmas that face the health care system and highlights health and disease in the modern world, the fundamentals of epidemiology, and health behavior. Health Care in the United States also explains the special challenges of managing health service personnel and organizations. The author reviews key innovations in financing and delivery, explaining the outcomes of cost sharing, HMO enrollment, and rationing of services.

This vital resource is written for students and professionals in health care management and policy, as well as public health, medical sociology, medical anthropology, social work, political science, and most, if not all, clinical fields.

Keywords: health; explanation; delivery; states; care; introduction; services; combines; comprehensive; population; united; expert; policy; system; concepts; important; illustrates; places; special; implications; reform, Public Health Services & Policy, Public Health Services & Policy

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