Cruse, Linda

Leading on the Frontline: Remarkable Stories and Essential Leadership Lessons from the World's Danger Zones

Cruse, Linda - Leading on the Frontline: Remarkable Stories and Essential Leadership Lessons from the World's Danger Zones, ebook


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Transform your leadership with powerful lessons from the frontline

Leading on the Frontline brings humanitarian leadership into the boardroom, giving business leaders a powerful lesson in engagement, motivation, inspiration and innovation. Drawing upon a lifetime of humanitarian work in some of the world’s most difficult places, author Linda Cruse shares stories from the frontline that illustrate how to dig deep, inspire, thrive and more. Business leaders work on a different type of frontline — one that is no less volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — and the ability to deal effectively with the unexpected sets great leaders apart from the herd. Tap into your own intuition, compassion and courage; keep composure under pressure; align vision with strategic goals; exercise mental toughness — these skills are required in the aftermath of a tsunami in Thailand or a landslide in Nepal, and in business, they propel good people to great feats of leadership.

This book presents extraordinary stories of extraordinary people who confront the best and worst of humanity every day. These people accomplish big things with few resources, prioritise progress over personal comfort and prevail over seemingly impossible odds. Their lessons contain multitudes for those who aspire to be great leaders — and the very best version of themselves.

  • Learn the secrets of effective leadership through the frontline humanitarian lens
  • Master the art of storytelling to build morale, strengthen teamwork and define problem solving paradigms
  • See everyday situations in a new way, discover new possibilities and unearth new solutions
  • Learn how extraordinary people confront fear, face death and find joy in the most difficult circumstances

Whether on the frontline or in the boardroom, the objective is the same: to achieve goals and exceed expectations. Leading on the Frontline equips leaders with the skills and perspective they need to emerge victorious in a relentlessly volatile, constantly changing world.


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