McQueen, Michael

Momentum: How to Build it, Keep it or Get it Back

McQueen, Michael - Momentum: How to Build it, Keep it or Get it Back, ebook


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Achieve the ultimate state of continual success

Momentum is your personal guidebook to the art and science of success. Momentary victories and small wins don't last, and the frustration of reclaiming that energy is real. This book shows you how to cultivate a different type of achievement – measureable, sustainable and constant. It's the difference between winning a battle and winning the war, and requires more than a single brilliant move. It's about activity, focus and consistency, and working smarter instead of harder. This insightful guide helps you dig to the core of who and where you are, and start implementing the core practices and characteristics that keep the successes coming. You'll discover the traps that have been pushing you off course, and learn when to push through and when to change course entirely. Case studies illustrate the pitfalls of momentum-traps through the lens of individuals and organisations who ignored early warning signs at their own peril – and ultimately, detriment.

Momentum is not a fleeting or transient feeling. It's a skill that can be fostered, encouraged and nurtured, and it's the biggest success tool in the box. This book walks you through the principles, practices and ideas that help you build and maintain a positive trajectory.

  • Achieve breakthrough results and sustainable success
  • Overcome baggage, monotony and the appeal of immediacy
  • Build, maintain or reclaim your dynamism and vitality
  • Avoid the common traps that hinder forward progress

Whether you've had a taste of success and long for its return, or feel that something's holding you back from achieving your potential – momentum is your missing piece. Find it and grab it with both hands using the invaluable guidance in Momentum, the handbook for long-term success.

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