Kemp, Michael

Uncommon Sense: Investment Wisdom Since the Stock Market's Dawn

Kemp, Michael - Uncommon Sense: Investment Wisdom Since the Stock Market's Dawn, ebook


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Question everything – and become a better investor in the process

Uncommon Sense takes readers on a four-century journey; from the dawn of public share ownership (in 1602) right up to today. But this is not simply a history book. It's a book for serious investors. Along the way it reveals the fascinating stories, the market characters and the important financial developments that have sculpted the thinking behind the value investor's craft. Blended throughout the narrative Kemp delivers an array of interesting anecdotes and rock solid logic regarding what works when investing in the stock market, what doesn't, and why.

Early in the 20th Century, Charles Dow remarked of Wall Street Operators that 'the more they actually know, the less confident they become.' Continuing in the tradition of that simple, elegant statement, this enlightening and entertaining book will have you thinking, acting and succeeding on your own in your investment endeavours.

  • Learn to question conventional wisdom at every turn and develop a healthy skepticism as you plan your own investment strategies
  • Develop a rich understanding of the stock valuation process
  • Discover the methods that have been used by successful investors from the dawn of the modern stock market (in 1602) right up to today
  • Learn how to interact simply and successfully with markets that are vastly complex and largely inexplicable

Uncommon Sense will have you questioning and doubting much that's stated about stock market investing, then developing your own winning strategy based on reason and understanding.

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