Brammall, Bruce

Mortgages Made Easy: 8 Steps to Smart Borrowing for Homes and Investment Properties

Brammall, Bruce - Mortgages Made Easy: 8 Steps to Smart Borrowing for Homes and Investment Properties, ebook


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Structure your mortgage for a more secure, more profitableproperty investment

Mortgages Made Easy is the definitive guide to gettingthe optimal mortgage for your home or investment property purchase.Bestselling author, mortgage broker, and financial advisor BruceBrammall, aka Debt Man, walks you through the process in histrademark style, giving you all the information you need to buy aproperty and finance it right. Success in real estate is as muchabout having the right debt structure as it is about buying qualityproperty, and this book shows you how to build the financialfortification that is critical to your long-term security. You'lllearn how to set yourself up for success before you even begin tohouse hunt, and how to approach investment properties differentlyfrom your own home purchase. Brammall guides you step by stepthrough the loan and purchase, equipping you with the knowledge youneed to make your property work in your favor.

Property and debt are inseparable in the beginning, but whatmost people don't know is that accruing debt correctly plays acrucial role in the financial success of the property. This bookexplains it all, with practical advice and guidance throughout theprocess.

  • Learn why debt is necessary and property is so popular
  • Navigate the big choices that buying property entails
  • Discover the critical differences between homes and investmentproperties
  • Get mortgage-ready and examine loan structure options

Given his qualifications, Brammall intrinsically understands thepoint where property, debt, and investment intersect, as well astheir broader role in your wealth-creation plans. Your home is yourcastle, and a major part of your future security – it'simportant to set it up right. For savvy advice from an expertperspective, Mortgages Made Easy is the property buyer'smortgage manual.

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