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The New Path to Real Estate Wealth: Earning Without Owning

Carey, Bill - The New Path to Real Estate Wealth: Earning Without Owning, ebook


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MAKE A FORTUNE IN REAL ESTATE-Without Owning Property!

Did you know that you don't actually have to own real estate to profit from it? It's true! If you control the paperwork of real estate-the contracts, mortgages, and deeds-you can make money without owning anything.

The New Path to Real Estate Wealth offers a step-by-step system that takes you from the basics of real estate investing to the more sophisticated strategies that let you earn without owning. Whether you're a new investor or an experienced one, you'll make big money in the world's safest, most reliable investment with expert guidance on:
* Finding great deals
* Working with real estate agents
* Evaluating and inspecting property
* Writing and presenting an offer
* Flipping the deal for quick cash

Once you understand the basics of real estate investing, you can move on to four proven strategies for making a fortune without owning property. Authors and real estate experts

Chantal and Bill Carey show you how to make a bundle by flipping properties quickly, assigning contracts, using options, and buying discounted mortgages and government tax liens for pennies on the dollar. You can control valuable contracts and properties-without the liabilities and hassles of ownership.

Packed with real-world examples and proven real estate wisdom, this handy guide proves that anyone can make money in real estate. So start investing today . . . and get on The New Path to Real Estate Wealth!

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