Brandes, Michael V.

Naked Guide to Bonds: What You Need to Know—Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials

Brandes, Michael V. - Naked Guide to Bonds: What You Need to Know—Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials, ebook


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Professional investors have long understood the importance of bonds in a successful portfolio strategy. Now you can too.

That's because Wall Street bond expert Michael Brandes takes a unique approach to this complex subject—he makes it simple. In Naked Guide to Bonds: What You Need to Know, Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials, technical jargon and complicated subject matter are translated into a straightforward, easy-to-read style with plenty of examples. What's more, rather than writing an all-inclusive book on the bond market, Brandes uses his expertise to eliminate the information that is not relevant to individual investors. The result is a practical and succinct guide that empowers you to make informed investment decisions.

Naked Guide to Bonds is written so that each chapter builds upon the information that precedes it. That way you'll never be thrown for a loop. It begins with basic questions such as: Who issues bonds, and why? And how are bonds bought and sold? Then you'll learn about the structure of these securities and the characteristics that distinguish them from stocks.

Once you're armed with the fundamentals, you'll discover how inflation, interest rates, and changes in the economy impact bond prices. Naked Guide to Bonds also provides insights about different types of bonds, including those issued by the U.S. government and its agencies, municipalities, corporations, and international issuers. Most importantly, you'll understand how to identify the bonds that are most appropriate for you.

In the final sections, you'll determine how to:

  • Assess your risk profile and set goals
  • Construct a portfolio to meet your objectives
  • Implement a customized strategy
  • Evaluate individual bonds and mutual funds
  • Monitor and maintain your portfolio
  • Avoid the most common mistakes

Filled with helpful charts and informative "Bare Essentials" summary points at the beginning of each chapter, Naked Guide to Bonds provides an effective way to become a smart and successful bond investor. Take a look for yourself and you'll see how enjoyable and rewarding learning about bonds can be.

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