Bonner, William

Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century

Bonner, William - Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century, ebook


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"History shows that people who save and invest grow and prosper, and the others deteriorate and collapse.

As Financial Reckoning Day demonstrates, artificially low interest rates and rapid credit creation policies set by Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve caused the bubble in U.S. stocks of the late '90s. . . . Now, policies being pursued at the Fed are making the bubble worse. They are changing it from a stock market bubble to a consumption and housing bubble.

And when those bubbles burst, it's going to be worse than the stock market bubble . . .

No one, of course, wants to hear it. They want the quick fix. They want to buy the stock and watch it go up twenty-five percent because that's what happened last year, and that's what they say on TV."

—Jim Rogers, author of the bestseller Adventure Capitalist

from the Foreword to Financial Reckoning Day

Advanced praise from bestselling authors

"An investment book that will not only enlarge your investment horizon, but also make you laugh and thoroughly entertain you for a few hours."

—Dr. Marc Faber, author of the bestseller Tomorrow's Gold

"Financial Reckoning Day is . . . in the category of scintillating sex or good vision, something to be savored and enjoyed-before it is too late."

—James Dale Davidson, author of the bestseller The Great Reckoning and The Sovereign Individual

"A powerful and insightful vision . . . each paragraph stimulates a new rush of thoughts that fills in gaping holes in the investor's understanding of what has happened to their dreams . . . while prepping them to confront any new confusion that may arrive."

—Martin D. Weiss, author of the bestseller Crash Profits

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