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Non-ionizing Radiation Protection: Summary of Research and Policy Options

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A comprehensive review of non-ionizing radiation and its public health and environmental risks, for researchers, policy makers, and laymen

This book explains the characteristics of all forms of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation (NIR) and analyzes the relationship between exposure and its biological effects, as well as the known dose-response relationships associated with each. Taking a uniquely holistic approach to the concept of health that builds upon the WHO definition to include not only absence of disease, but the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and the population, it reviews established and potential risks and protections, along with regulatory issues associated with each.

The risks to public health of NIR, whether in the form of UV light, radio waves from wireless devices, or electric and magnetic fields associated with electrical power systems, is currently a cause of great concern among members of the public and lawmakers. But in order to separate established science from speculation and make informed decisions about how to mitigate the risks of NIR and allocate precious resources, policymakers, manufacturers, and individuals need a comprehensive source of up-to-date information based on the current scientific evidence. Written by a team of experts in their fields, this book is that source. Among other things, it:

  • Summarizes scientific findings on the safety of different forms of NIR and the rationale behind current standards
  • Describes devices for monitoring NIR along with the established and potential hazards of each form
  • Explores proper protections against UV light and lasers, RF radiation, ELF fields and other forms of NIR
  • Discusses how to avoid injuries through occupational training or public awareness programs, and how to perform medical assessments in cases of suspected NIR injuries
  • Considers how to decide whether or not to spend money on certain mitigation measures, based on cost-benefit analyses

Offering expert reviews and analyses of the latest scientific findings and public policy issues concerning the risks to public health and the environment of NIR, Non-ionizing Radiation Protection is an indispensable source of information for manufacturers, government regulators, and regulatory agencies, as well as researchers, concerned laypersons, and students.

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