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Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering

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Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering addresses the theory, analysis and design of passive and active RFIC's using Si-based CMOS and Bi-CMOS technologies, and other non-silicon based technologies. The materials covered are self-contained and presented in such detail that allows readers with only undergraduate electrical engineering knowledge in EM, RF, and circuits to understand and design RFICs. Organized into sixteen chapters, blending analog and microwave engineering, Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering emphasizes the microwave engineering approach for RFICs.

* Provides essential knowledge in EM and microwave engineering, passive and active RFICs, RFIC analysis and design techniques, and RF systems vital for RFIC students and engineers

* Blends analog and microwave engineering approaches for RFIC design at high frequencies

* Includes problems at the end of each chapter

Keywords: Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit (RFIC); Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC); Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC); Printed-Circuit Transmission Lines; CMOS; EM theory; Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor; BiCMOS; Bi-polar Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor; Si-based RFIC; Millimeter-wave; Sub-millimeter-wave; Electromagnetics; Lumped Elements; On-chip lumped elements; Inductors; Capacitors; Resonators; Resistors; Lumped-element resonators; distributed resonators; Transmission Lines; Synthetic Transmission Lines; Microstrip Line; Coplanar Waveguide; Coplanar Strips; Slot Line; Multi-Conductor Transmission Lines; Impedance Matching; Scattering Parameters; Scattering matrix; Chain Matrix; Passive RF Components; Active RF Components; Directional Couplers; Power Dividers; Filters; CMOS Transistors; MOSFET; MOSFET Models; SPICE Models; Varactor Diodes; SPST Switches; SPDT Switches; T/R Switches; On-wafer Measurement; On-wafer Calibration; De-embedding; Power Amplifiers; Low-Noise Amplifiers; Balanced Amplifiers; Broad-band Amplifiers; Phase Noise; Pulsed Systems; FMCW Systems; Homodyne Receivers; Super-heterodyne Receivers; Design process of RFICs; Non-silicon RFICs; GaAs RFICs, Communication Technology, Communication Technology

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