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Migration of Freshwater Fishes

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Recent studies have increasingly demonstrated the widespread existence of spatio-temporal variations in the abundance and distribution of species of freshwater fishes, previously assumed not to move between habitats. These movements are often on a seasonal or ontogenetic basis, for spawning, feeding and refuge, and in many cases are fundamental for the successful completion of lifecycles.

This important book provides a single source for a range of previously widely dispersed information on these movements of fish in fresh waters, covering potamodromous fishes as well as the more familiar diadromous species, worldwide. Contents include full descriptions of types of migration and spatial behaviour, the stimulus and capacity for fish to migrate, the effects of climate on patterns of migratory behaviour, a taxonomic analysis (mostly by family) of freshwater fish migration, methods for studying migration, and details of the impacts of man's activities on freshwater fish migration.

Migration of Freshwater Fishes provides an excellent and comprehensive reference to which the river manager, biologist or student can now refer to obtain information, advice and current opinion on the migratory behaviour of most taxonomic groups of fishes occurring in fresh water. University libraries and aquatic research stations should also have copies of this essential reference book on their shelves.

  • Well-known international authors.
  • Of great commercial importance to fisheries and professional angling bodies.
  • Draws together much new information in one place.
  • Detailed review of world wide migratory behaviour for most groups of freshwater fishes.
  • Pure and applied relevance, for academics, fisheries scientists, river managers and conservationists.
  • This comprehensive book includes 67 tables and figures and over 1,400 references.

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