Mateu, Jorge

Spatio-temporal Design: Advances in Efficient Data Acquisition

Mateu, Jorge - Spatio-temporal Design: Advances in Efficient Data Acquisition, ebook

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A state-of-the-art presentation of optimum spatio-temporal sampling design - bridging classic ideas with modern statistical modeling concepts and the latest computational methods.

Spatio-temporal Design presents a comprehensive state-of-the-art presentation combining both classical and modern treatments of network design and planning for spatial and spatio-temporal data acquisition. A common problem set is interwoven throughout the chapters, providing various perspectives to illustrate a complete insight to the problem at hand.

Motivated by the high demand for statistical analysis of data that takes spatial and spatio-temporal information into account, this book incorporates ideas from the areas of time series, spatial statistics and stochastic processes, and combines them to discuss optimum spatio-temporal sampling design.

Spatio-temporal Design: Advances in Efficient Data Acquisition:

  • Provides an up-to-date account of how to collect space-time data for monitoring, with a focus on statistical aspects and the latest computational methods
  • Discusses basic methods and distinguishes between design and model-based approaches to collecting space-time data.
  • Features model-based frequentist design for univariate and multivariate geostatistics, and second-phase spatial sampling.
  • Integrates common data examples and case studies throughout the book in order to demonstrate the different approaches and their integration.
  • Includes real data sets, data generating mechanisms and simulation scenarios.
  • Accompanied by a supporting website featuring R code.

Spatio-temporal Design presents an excellent book for graduate level students as well as a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in the fields of applied mathematics, engineering, and the environmental and health sciences.

Keywords: Spatio-temporal Design, Werner Mueller, Jorge Mateu, time series, spatial statistics, stochastic processes, spatio-temporal sampling design, univariate and multivariate geostatistics, Biostatistics, Methods & Statistics in Ecology, Biostatistics, Methods & Statistics in Ecology

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